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Start Business With 50 Lakhs Investment In India [Guide]

    Start Business With 50 Lakhs Investment

    Start business with 50 lakhs investment right away. Great business does not come with just great investment. It comes with a thorough market analysis, disciplined planning, and consistent persistence. Though all these things are very well known to any entrepreneur in making, these are the most under-executed things. 

    Coming to the point, there are literally hundreds and even more business ideas that can be implemented in less than 50lakhs investment. 

    Here are a few profitable ideas to start a business with 50 lakhs:

    Start business with 50 lakhs investment in 2021

    Start a themed cafe

    These days, themed cafes are loved and preferred by people all around. Themed cafes are like having some space with a specific theme that suits your restaurant’s USP. 

    For instance, if you have Punjabi food, you can makeover your restaurant with a Dhaba look. If you have a Thai special, you can makeover your space likewise. 

    A bonus tip: You can also consider having a ghost restaurant. 

    Start a cloud kitchen

    The demand for Cloud kitchen has drastically increased due to food delivery apps. In 2021, the cloud kitchen is definitely going to have a future. 

    Start your cloud kitchen with some dedicated service. For instance, you can start your cloud kitchen only for biryani, or confectionaries, or anything as such. 

    Renovate your home to rent with Airbnb

    If you are receding near the airport and if your city has tourists and business people, this renting with Airbnb is the cool option. 

    Get your home renovated by the expert’s advice and start renting with Airbnb. 

    Take up a franchise

    Take up a franchise of a renowned brand. May it be of the food industry, the fashion industry, or some other accessories. Taking a franchise and running a business is a profitable idea. 

    The franchise business is also the safest one to start with. If the brand or business value is nice, you will get the ROI well. 

    Fund the potential startup 

    If you are not sure about starting up your own business, do consider others’ business ideas. There are many events and pitch decks holding potential ideas. 

    You can listen to tens of them and fund anyone to two. 

    Start a book cafe

    You can start a book cafe with a purpose. Like, a book cafe where people can network, or a book cafe where open mike arranged. 

    You can also have treasure finding games with the books on the intercity level. With such events and activities, you will have your USP.

    Start a themed co-working space

    In 2021, many people are going to work from home, the predictions of many surveys say so. So, you can start your co-working space with a specific theme. 

    For instance, you can make a garden theme or forest theme for the co-working space. 

    Start a salon with a dedicated purpose

    Start a salon for senior citizens where they get a massage and spa. Or start a salon of aromatherapy. 

    Have some dedicated service that is your expertise. 

    Build a software or tool

    Build some automation or AI-based tools. Ease the work of people around. Even if you don’t know how to build and market, within 50lakhs you can hire a team.

    Bottom Line

    These were just a few ideas to start a business with 50 lakhs investment in India. You can add to the list even more. Do let us know in the comments if you have any more ideas to discuss on. Also, let us know if you would like to have a detailed analysis of any of the ideas mentioned above.