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Why Employee Recognition Is Important? [Key Points]

    Why Employee Recognition Is Important

    Why employee recognition is important when they have fair pay off? Employees are humans too. It is a fact that most of the companies do think they have purchased their employee’s time just because you decently pay them off.

    Although it is correct that you pay them. But you do not pay them for their time alone. It is their skill, dedication at work, and commitment that you are paying them for. Any person who deserves the appreciation should be given at least a praise of the kind words.

    These gestures of appreciation may seem small to you as a manager, but for employees, these are words they thrive for. They will be willing to work for you with dedication only because of your kind words and recognition.

    Here’s an article that sneak peeks into employee recognition and discusses in detail why employee recognition is important:

    What should Employees be recognized for?

    Every single detailed and thorough practice that the employees do to serve your company must be appreciated. Though they serve you for money, they still deserve that pat of praise. It is more than any incentives you could ever give to your employees.


    If your employees are paying attention to details, you should pay attention to them and appreciate the same. Recognizing your employees for what they have done, will encourage them to do better next time.


    If your employee is showing up every day on time, take some time to appreciate that. Though he is supposed to be on time, and he is just obeying his duty, your simple recognition will make him love your company and his job even more.


    If you find your employee to be an honest one, appreciate him in front of the whole staff. This will encourage him to believe and follow his principles. Honesty is really a rare quality these days. Hence, appreciating and encouraging the person for his braveness is actually needed.


    It is actually every person’s duty to be responsible. However, responsible people are not that common. If you come across an employee who does his duty responsibly, you must recognize that you show him some love for that. 


    Not everyone shows dedication towards the job that they are doing. If you notice your employee who is fully dedicated, it is time to take his efforts into consideration. Reward that employee and let him know that you care and you have noticed.


    If you know your employee has the skill set that is indeed your asset, do value that. Give him perks, and incentives from time to time. But most importantly, praise him. Let him know that his future is safer with you working together.  

    Hard Work 

    If your employee is really toiling, don’t take it for granted as you are paying him already. Do appreciate his work and talk with him personally. Show him that you have a concern about him working so hard, and also let him know that you liked his passion. 


    If he’s talented and you hired him for his talent, do appreciate his talent. Do mention an incident where he outperformed and encourage him to keep the good work going. 

    What happens if you don’t recognize employees?

    Employees are not your slaves. Even if you pay them for their work, they deserve that satisfaction that comes from knowing that you notice. 

    They are working for respect. If you don’t give them, they will seek elsewhere.

    If you just ask your employees to work and will treat them like slaves, they are definitely not going to love what they are doing. They will seek different opportunities elsewhere, which will in turn hamper your growth as well.

    Having a team that will make your work easy and efficient is your goal. But that kind of team is needed to be built up. These recognitions and appreciations are small gestures but will give a long term and healthy returns. 

    They work for self-growth, not for managers’. They will switch the company because of the manager.

    Whenever employees first join your company, they have this natural mindset of personal growth. If you don’t value their growth, they will not value the company. So, do know what they are good at, and appreciate their talent. 

    They will not feel valued enough.

    Just a paycheque is not enough for a person to work in a way that will make a significant difference to the company. Make sure you help your employees to feel worthy enough for serving you. 

    By making your employees worthy enough, you actually earn yourself worth. They will be willingly working for you as they get that value which is outside the paycheque. 

    They will not show dedication to the company’s progress.

    Why are reward and recognition important to your staff?

    Rewards and recognition are important for staff as they boost up their energy and imbibes the feeling of willingness to work. 

    Also, your staff will feel happy and satisfied with working for you. There will be the least chances that they will think of switching to any other company. If they feel respected, loved, valued, and friendly at the place they are working at, they will cultivate the feeling of comfort. 

    Here are some of the rewards and recognitions that you can express your appreciation towards your employees:

    • Verbal praise in front of the staff
    • Written praise in form of email or hard letter
    • Observing Appreciation Day
    • Giving personalized gifts

    Types of employee recognition

    Peer to peer recognition:

    Peer to peer recognition is managers appreciating HRs and CEOs. And vice-a-versa. 

    Supervisor to Staff recognition:

    Supervisors appreciating the staff members, even non-staff members like peons and helpers. 

    Staff to Staff recognition:

    Appreciation in between the staff members also creates and boosts a healthy and friendly environment. 


    Before even asking this question – why employee recognition is important, don’t you think human recognition is important. And all should practice it irrespective of our position.