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Why Resume Format Is Important? [Detailed Information]

    Why Resume Format Is Important

    Why resume format is important while applying for a job? Do employers really care about the resume formatting? Yes, your resume is your identity until you are invited. It is just a gateway for your second round of consideration. 

    Why Resume Format Is Important

    Definitely resume formatting is the important thing. Before considering the points to be included in the resume; let us learn what is resume formatting. 

    What is Resume Formatting

    Resume Formatting is the font style, font size, arrangement, and the design of your resume. Your resume must be formal and should impart your personal value to the employer. The resume formatting is all about these pointers. 

    Have a font that is clear to understand and read. The font size of all the headings, the font size of the body, and the structure of the resume comprise the resume formatting. 

    Resume Formatting Types

    Resumes are drafted for various purposes and so is the resume formatting. Here are the types of resume formatting:

    Chronological Resumes

    Chronological resumes are the general resumes. They come with a specific order. All your achievements and the work experiences are listed one by one in a chronological manner. 

    Usually, from recent to older ones; these milestones are listed in the resume. 

    Custom Resumes

    Custom resumes are where you are applying for a specific position as an expert. There you write and highlight your achievements with respect to value addition.

    In custom resumes; a year-wise arrangement is not made. 

    Functional Resumes

    Functional resumes are where your relevant skills, relevant work experience, and relevant education is mentioned. 

    Here, you do not mention your every single skill and education. This type of resume is very dedicated to the job role you are applying for.

    Is Resume Formatting Necessary?

    Yes. Resume formatting is always necessary. As the formatting will ease the recruiter to scan through your resume. 

    You can also go for the combined resume formatting. Where you actually format the resume in a functional manner, but at the footer your mention your chronological achievements. 

    However, you need to format the resume in a specific manner. The consistency of the fonts, inclination, colors, borderlines, and other effects should be throughout.

    Is there any standard Resume Formatting?

    There is not any standard resume formatting. You can choose your format according to your preferences. 

    You can choose any format, just keep the resume clean and clear. Include all the necessary descriptions with a systematic alignment, style, and spaces. 

    How to Format your Resume?

    • Use utmost two font styles
    • Use white spaces
    • Usage of tables and bullet points
    • Use a maximum of two colors – either black and grey Or blue and lighter blue.
    • Include clickable links
    • Be consistent with font style and size


    Why resume format is important? Because resume represents your personality until you are invited to showcase your real one. Your resume makes you a way through. Let that be your own sales copy. 

    Resume formatting plays a vital role in capturing the recruiters’ attention. There are plenty of resumes in their hand, make yours stand out with the right format.