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10 Good Working Environment Characteristics [Expert Advice]

    Good Working Environment Characteristics

    Good working environment characteristics are not hard and fast to follow. They are simply where your heart feels like working more enthusiastically. In the time of pandemic (COVID 19), many of you might have started working from home newly. And the question of having a good working environment would have crossed your mind more than the deadlines of the work.

    Here are the good working environment characteristics that you ought to follow while creating a space for working.

    List of Good Working Environment Characteristics

    1. Fresh Ambiance

    Every working environment gets good or bad with its ambiance. Ambiance must be fresh and energetic. By fresh, I mean, it should make the worker feel like working the moment they step in.

    The ambiance of the room plays a vital role in enhancing productivity. So, make sure to have a proper lighting setting. The temperature of the room must be appropriate. 

    And the most important thing is the window. Make sure you have something to stare beyond the walls. Walls not only restrict your sight, but they restrict your energies and productivity too. 

    2. Color Psychology in the room

    Choose the colors with proper psychological and scientific reasonings. Brighter colors create more energy. For instance, yellow and orange colors make people ignited.

    On the subconscious level, these colors of the walls, and couches affect the people’s mood. There is certainly a reason for keeping all the chairs in multiplex red, and not of any other random colors. A similar is the reason for choosing your working room’s color.

    3. Seating Arrangements

    Make your seating arrangements open, while maintaining the proper privacy. Have an island types seating arrangement. 

    Some of the spaces should be open to team projects. While some of the spaces should be private. Rotate your seatings, as the one place will make you less productive over time. 

    To take some short breaks, after every hour, keep some space to roam comfortably. Also, if you are planning it for solo working space, have at least a couple of options for seating. 

    4. The aroma in the Room

    Have a diffuser in the working space. Fill it with some decent odored scents. This should make your room perfect for creating the working environment. 

    If possible, keep some flower pots on the table. This will make the environment more fresh and alive. Especially, when you are working alone, do accompany yourself with the flower plants and aromatic herbs. 

    5. The flexibility of the Time

    While it is essential to keep the schedule, it is also equally important to keep schedule flexible. When you are keeping the flexibility of the time in your working environment, do have the options available for all the seasons and timings of the days and years. 

    For instance, when you are working in the morning, you will have natural sunlight coming. While working at the night, you will need proper light, seating, and different aroma arrangements. Maybe, you won’t need a aroma at all. Instead, you will need some music. 

    6. The flexibility of the Space

    Have at least a couple of seating options for yourself. You cannot seat at one place for 8 hours a day, and 7 days a week and be productive throughout. You need a change to be productive. 

    Sometimes, seat and work. Sometimes, stand and work. Sometimes, sleep and work. Keep all the options available. Productivity can strike you in any positions.

    7. Music Accessories 

    Have both stereo speakers and headphones available at hand, while working. Music creates environment and mood. 

    8. Lawn for working and chilling

    Have some natural grass, either outdoor or indoors. The natural work environment can beat any working environment infrastructure. 

    You will just have to take care of the proper sunlight and wind.

    9. A good coffee cafe

    Food is fuel. To your brain and body. Have good food as a reward for your work. The cafe always motivates productivity. 

    10. Garden and ample of Sunlight

    If possible plant some flowers and grass just at your site. If that’s not possible, have a window full of flowers and ferns. This affects your mood while working.

    Bottom Line

    The good working environment characteristics are this simple. You don’t need any expensive investments. Just a proper alignment of things and an intelligent color choice would be enough.