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8 Best Business Ideas For Rural Areas [Expert Picks]

    Best Business Ideas For Rural Areas

    The best business ideas for rural areas would be the most feasible ones. There is actually a lack of facilities in Indian villages, even today in 2020. There are actually a lot of business ideas for people living in rural areas.

    The scope of ideation for rural people varies from urban because of facilities and skills. Any rural person is exposed to a considerably different environment than the city person.

    Been living in both places, I can jot the difference every quickly. There are various factors, starting from language, dialect, sense of etiquette, body language, and thus so on. Cumulation of all these factors leads to distinguishing the businesses for rural areas and urban areas.

    Of course, freelancing opportunities are for rural areas too. But again, the facilities and environment may not fall in place.

    Here are a few best business ideas for rural areas, that we think might work really well in 2020 and the forthcoming decade.

    List of Best Business Ideas For Rural Areas

    1. IoT based or Smart Farming

    Even professional farmers who don’t know anything about coding, are trying to implement IoT in their farming. The common misconception about IoT based products is – only engineers could operate it.

    The truth is, farmers or rather the youths who are tech-savvy and know ample about farming, could handle it like a pro. So IoT based farming is the future of farming.

    Innovation always has a scope. You can go for organic and smart farming together.

    2. Exporting organic Farm products to Urban areas

    Organic veggies are most in-demand, where they are not cultivated. Today, all urban cities and suburban areas are eating chemical prone food.

    The people are quite aware of the fact that organic is best for them. Hence, transporting your organic vegetables and fruits to cities is the best idea.

    Dairy Products would also come under the same ideation. The milk and other products that urban people consume is usually stale. So here is an opportunity for you.

    3. Selling Mobiles, Computer, and electronic accessories

    Usually amazon and other services try their best to reach every corner of remote India. But you know, some rural places are not yet covered. Not to go too far. Think about your own village. If Amazon isn’t delivering, you take up.

    You can even try to be the eCommerce Delivery agency of rural areas. However, selling mobiles, computers and other accessories is the best business idea for rural areas.

    And, even if Amazon is selling, rural people tend to buy these products in person.

    4. Educating or Coaching students 

    The most significant difference between urban and rural people is their lifestyle and knowledge. None is to be blamed and praised. But whatever is lacking is lacking. Urban people are lacking a good and healthy lifestyle. Rural people are lacking in good education.

    Hence, you can always bridge the gap with your business idea. One of the best business ideas for rural areas would be enhancing the rural life in a positive manner.

    Educating and Coaching students so that they can be competent enough while interacting with urban students. This should be the goal – to create equity with education.

    5. Yeilding Flowers and exporting

    If your land and environment support, go for planting flowers. You can even export your flowers overseas. Exporting abroad has always benefited rural people.

    These days, flowers are gifted, flowers are used in ceremonies and functions, and almost everywhere. There are a few nations, where flowers are utilized a lot. Consider starting a flower export business.

    Some flowers have medicinal properties. Exporting those are profitable too. Studying and seeking the right opportunity, is all that it takes.

    6. Growing Tea or Coffee bean

    The place where CCD began. It was in the farmlands first, before being cafe coffee day. The production of tea and coffee is in demand. However, it depends on your land and atmosphere.

    If the production of these 2 is not compatible with nature, you can always go for cultivating whatever your area is supporting.

    7. Tank Cleaning

    There are tanks in farms, lakes in farms, and wells, borewells in farms. Fixing, repairing, and cleaning, everything is in demand.

    Tank cleaning might require a certain sort of education. Or these days, youtube is a new classroom. You can get ample of things to learn and implement.

    Tank cleaning is even in demand for urban areas. You can extend your service to the nearest cities.

    8. Fish Farming

    For the villages who have rivers, or seas or waterfall nearby them. Fish farming is one of the best business ideas for rural areas.

    Many hotels, aquariums, and even the food market demand fish. In medical usage and for research purposes, fish is very much in demand product.

    Fish farming is a very economic option to start your business with.

    Bottom Line

    Besides the above-mentioned options, there are a lot of more options available for rural areas businesses. I just tried to fetch out the feasible, in trend, and the best business ideas for rural areas, in my knowledge.