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Why Indian Startups Are Not Making Sense? [Explained]

    Why Indian Startups Are Not Making Sense

    Why Indian startups are not making sense to investors? India is getting several startups registered on the daily basis. Especially after the Reliance Jio network has reached every home, every Indian home has started becoming a home to entrepreneurs.

    There are plenty of reasons why Indian startups are making sense. The article discusses the basic, recently rose up and genuine ones.

    Reasons why Indian Startups are not making sense

    Indian Startups hardly have a business mentor

    Indian Startups don’t believe in investing in something like mentorship. In fact, many of the startups find this investment absolutely vague.

    A few fake mentors are also largely responsible for this situation throughout the country.

    Indian Startups are falling prey to fake mentors

    While some of the mentors are really knowledgeable, genuine, and practical; there are many other mentors who themselves are a startup.

    Like, Indian startups are thinking starting a coaching business is a cool thing and hence end up being a life coach at the mere age of 30 years.

    Indian Startups are simply preferring freelancers to outsource their work

    There are many agencies that are a startup and they don’t prefer employees. Hiring freelancers is absolutely a fair thing.

    But the startups are too profit-oriented that they hunt a cheap freelancer to outsource their work.

    Indian Startups have gained more than 50% of the knowledge from YouTube and Google

    The only reliable guru of most Indian Startups is Google. The free knowledge is considerably good. But it does not add any outstanding skillset to the startup.

    Indian Startups are focused on making money

    Before earning experience, Indian startups are focused on earning wealth. Sadly, it does not work this way.

    Bottom Line

    So, exactly why Indian Startups are not making sense is their mindset. No one taught us the world we are going to deal with would be so different from what we have been taught! But the saddest part is, now aspiring entrepreneurs are thinking it in a directionless way.

    Well, the internet is the best place to start your startup these days. But it needs to have a specific mindset, skillset, and some basic business and finance knowledge.

    What do you think – why Indian startups are not making any sense? Comment your thought below.