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Levels Of Engagement In The Workplace [Detailed Information]

    Levels Of Engagement In The Workplace

    Levels of engagement in the workplace are determined by the level of involvement, dedication, enthusiasm, and emotional attachment of the employee towards the work. This level of engagement concept was defined in brief by Kevin Kruse in Forbes

    When an employee works for the workplace, his attitude decides the future of himself and of the company. Hence, the level of engagement of the employee plays a vital in the company’s growth.

    Here are the levels of engagement of the employee in the workplace:

    4 Levels of engagement in the workplace

    The employee’s engagement is broadly classified into 4 categories.

    Actively Engaged

    Employees who are actively engaged in the company’s well being. Actually, the employees who are in the company for their own interest are actively engaged in the company’s welfare too.

    Basic Needs

    People do have basic needs like financial ones. If they are in your organization for fulfilling their financial needs, they will try their best to serve you well and get some incentives and hikes.

    Basic needs are limited to financial purposes only. The employees with this basic need will actively engage in the company’s well being. Might be, the employee is not enthusiastic enough, but he will definitely be dedicated enough. 

    As long as your company serves him with his basic needs at the best, he will be showing utter dedication to the company’s well-being. 

    Passively Engaged

    Individual Needs

    Individual needs may vary. But the most common one is the status quo. Suppose, the employee is in your company, and he loves the company. At least for a year, he will try to be there. 

    To be in, he will ultimately give his best at work. However, if the person is not loving the job he is doing, he might give up. Or he might not give his whole and sole to the company. This level of engagement is fluctuating, based on his individual interest. 

    Teamwork Needs 

    Teamwork is a great deal if all the team players are participating with the same enthusiasm. However, if we consider individuals needs to be fluctuating, teamwork would be definitely not that reliable. 

    Only a person’s interest wouldn’t form a good team. But if that one person shows interest to lead the team, the engagement level may become active. Still, in the team, mostly the engagement remains passive. 

    Not Engaged

    Personal Growth Needs

    When you are interested in your own growth, desires, goals, and ambitions, you cannot be engaged in anyone else’s.

    Actively Disengaged

    When an employee just looking for a temporary placement option. 

    Bottom Line

    The levels of engagement in the workplace largely depend on the company’s work environment, work nature, and the individual’s personal interest.