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6 Business Development Tips For Recruiters [Best Tips]

    Best Business Development Tips For Recruiters

    Before we jump into business development tips for recruiters, let’s talk about business development first. Business development or in short BD is often considered to be something more associated with sales.

    The fact is that business development is not all about sales but with business development, your sales are definitely going to get higher. Business development is seen as a practice that consists of actions and decisions taken with the intention of either adding more value or building better relationships.

    Recruitment is also a part of BD and has an almost equal share as sales and marketing does. In a way, recruiters build new relationships by bringing new talent into the organization, and with effective recruitment, they add a long term value to the organization in terms of a better workforce.

    Chances are, the role of recruiters in business development will differ in different industries. Many people have different opinions on this topic but here we are mostly going to focus on a more generalized perspective over this topic.

    List of Business development tips for recruiters

    1. Level up your emailing game
    2. Get rid of unconscious bias
    3. Focus more on personality trades
    4. Use empathy to build relations
    5. AI in recruitment
    6. Keep looking for more effective ways

    1. Level up your emailing game

    Gone are those days when cold calling was the best option. In today’s times, you need to be more professional. When you’re approaching a prospect, there are many ways to be certain about the way your conversation is going to go.

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    Before calling every possible prospect, it is always better to short down your list by choosing those who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Then write a mail. Make sure you have the knowledge of their requirements. When you approach prospects with an offer that consists of things that are overlapping in their requirements and your offerings, then the certainty of a response increases drastically. Writing great emails is an art and with practice, you can get better at it.

    Once you get a reply, you can always switch to a call or a video meeting to take things further.

    2. Get rid of unconscious bias

    Being human, we all have our own beliefs. Knowingly or unknowingly they affect our decision making. When you’re recruiting make sure you’re aware of your unconscious bias. To get rid of it, you need to be aware of it first.

    Start with introspection

    In the future, it is most likely to happen that things like age, ethnicity, and religion will no longer be required on a resume. That means recruitment from the near future will totally be based on the skills that are required and being offered.

    This is the right way because it improves the quality of the workforce. Being biased may lead you to reject some of the real value-adding employees and lose the opportunity to work with them. You need to adapt as the industry is evolving. So, being unbiased becomes one of the most important business development tips for recruiters that are listed here.

    3. Focus more on personality trades

    It is very important for a recruiter to be able to understand the personality trades. When you’re planning to start a relationship with a person, you make sure to understand the kind of person he/she is. In the same way, if you understand the personality trades of people you will be able to recruit those who will add more value and most importantly stay with you for a longer period.

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    It is often seen that the interest of prospects degrades if the work doesn’t stand up to their expectations and its valid. But in many cases, it happens because of misunderstandings. If a recruiter can understand whether the prospect is likely to be in a good relationship or not, then recruiters can save a lot of time for the organization.

    4. Use empathy to build relations

    Being empathetic is the best business development tip for new recruiters. As mentioned above, when you know what your prospect requires you’re more likely to have a better and positive conversation.

    Whether it be a salesperson or a recruiter, both have to deal with people in person or on phones. It is always advised to both, to use empathy in order to gain the upper hand in business deals. If you’re in a conversation with someone that means, they are finding something.

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    It may not be the exact thing that you’re offering but there is always an overlapping between their needs and your offerings. With empathy, you can understand that part better and build relationships with those who can add more value to your firm. Business development is a practice so, you will only get better and better with time.

    5. AI in recruitment

    New technologies are causing rapid development in all the fields and recruitment is no different. With the help of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can reach out to more prospects and also speed up the process of recruitment. With enough data, AI can give you detailed information on everything that you require and at the same time, it can help you to optimize the process.

    How Chatbots Help Businesses

    Many businesses are now using chatbots for several purposes. Chatbots can also be very helpful in recruitment. Even though the final decision has to be taken by a human, AI can make it a lot faster and efficient.

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    6. Keep looking for more effective ways

    As mentioned above, business development is a practice, and looking for more effective ways is another one of the important business development tips for recruiters. You need to be a good learner to be able to make required advancements in your operation. It is always great to have connections with others who are also trying to achieve the same things.

    Finding new mentors is also a great way to keep developing. There are many out there who are ready to help you just need to ask for it.