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Reasons Why Employees Join Trade Unions [Detailed Info]

    Reasons Why Employees Join Trade Unions

    Reasons why employees join trade unions are both personal and professional. Many of the employees don’t know what trade unions are supposed to do. Hence, their desire is just narrowed to the recognition factor.

    Reasons Why Employees Join Trade Unions

    Besides the recognition, there are several other factors that employees are willing to join trade unions for. Behind the greater recognitions are far greater responsibilities.

    And there are a few employees who are compelled to join the trade unions. Following are reasons why employees join trade unions.

    Advantages of trade unions to employees and employers

    When an employee hears the term ‘trade unions’, a thick packaged salary, lesser working hours and all the luxuries with enhanced rights come to imagination. But behind these bars is the real struggle. The decision making unit that hustles day and night to discuss the employers benefits.

    1. Provision to stay in the job by will and not out of compulsion

    Trade union members don’t negotiate their salaries and they don’t have to settle for any terms. However, to get to the exclusive membership of the trade unions, you got to go through all the negotiations and settlements.

    Trade unions is not the position for the freshers. You might be a fresh to the company and join as a trade union, but as a professional, you ought to be an experienced one.

    So when you are a member of trade unions, you are into the job by your will. No one asks you to trade off your passion or desires or salary for the sake of staying in.

    2. Freedom to exercise the right of inclusiveness

    When you are just an employee, you simply have to obey what your employers asks. Even your incentives and other stuff are on the employer’s will. But when you are a trade union, you have a right to choose your allowances.

    This does not mean that you enjoy all the goodies and become rich over night. You need to take decisions responsibly and feasibly.

    3. Better job security

    Employees are under pressure of losing their job right from day one. Being the trade union member, you got better job security.

    4. To raise a voice of opinion

    Employees are not that free to raise their voice in front of employers. But union trade members have this right of expressing themselves freely.

    Disadvantages of trade unions to employees

    While considering these reasons why employees join trade unions, there are also employees who have to join out of compulsion. Some employees are not prepared to take up responsibilities this early. Also, they have to stick to the employment terms too. So employees who are willing to switch to businesses are not up for joining trade unions.

    Bottom Line

    Reasons why employees join Trade Unions are actually their own and vary from person to person. The ones we discussed here are the most common ones. If you know a reason that’s offbeat, do mention it in a comment section below.