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12 Best Freelancing Sites For Graphic Designers [2022]

    Best Freelancing Sites For Graphic Designers

    The best freelancing sites for graphic designers depend on your purpose of freelancing. You need to specify this to yourself if you wish to go for a full-time freelancing or just side hustle. For both of these purposes, there are different sites. 

    Here, we will be seeing the best freelancing sites for graphic designers with their respective pros and cons.

    List of Best Freelancing Sites For Graphic Designers

    1. Upwork

    The most high-rated site on Google for freelancing is Upwork. There are many reasons for Upwork being at the top. Upwork was indeed ahead of the time when it actually got started. The freelancers registering on the site were comparatively less, than the demanding prospect. 

    Now, the site is very good for the existing and the approved freelancers. If you are a newbie, just starting the freelance work, Upwork won’t benefit you that much. 

    Bidding and getting projects to the fresher is the toughest task there on the Upwork. Every prospect is looking to have an experienced graphic designer. So for the experienced one, who has good ratings, Upwork is the best freelancing site for graphic designers. 

    2. Fiverr

    The website is very economical. Fiverr starts with five-dollar pricing, and hence the name. For anyone who wishes to hire a freelancer in a budget, Fiverr is the best freelancing site for graphic designers. 

    Fiverr is good for freshers. As the rates are less, freshers can begin their careers with Fiverr. Rather, there are several case studies, where people have begun their freelance careers with Fiverr.

    While all this is very true, there is also a fact that, Fiverr has ratings too. So as a fresher, if you don’t have ratings you ate no good. This parameter does not use to affect earlier. But these days, with increasing competition, such things are affecting your gig. 

    3. Freelancer

    Yet another website for freelancers. The platform is quite good to get new bids. But these days, they have started charging to bid. 

    There are a few free trials. And you get some bonuses too. But again, if you are a fresher, I am afraid if people will select you. 

    4. Pay Per Hour

    As a graphic designer, hourly pay is fair according to your efforts. Per design, pay may not do justice, as some designs take a lot of creativity and time. 

    The Pay per Hour website is pretty good and has a lot of registered freelance employers. It is a very much trusted site and has various project availabilities. You get the notification once the project is live. So you can bid on it. 

    5. Indeed

    Indeed is a job portal but has freelancing and remote working leads too. You can register with the Indeed website and can keep the alerts for remote graphic designer jobs on. 

    You will be receiving all the updates regarding remote and part-time job offers. More than any other bidding website, job portals like indeed, are very reliable. Especially, when you are a fresher, you can rely on the site like indeed. 

    6. Quicker

    Quicker is of course of selling and buying second-hand products. But they are also offering a space to post jobs or other sort requirements. This is an excellent website to get freelancing jobs. 

    There are various other platforms that allow you to share references and get you the best freelancing graphic designing projects. 

    7. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is not the freelancing site, but professional networking site. Nonetheless, it is the best freelancing sites for graphic designers. You build up your own network where you get suggestions, recommendations, and inquiries. 

    Many freelancers opt for LinkedIn to get projects, over other dedicated freelancing sites. 

    8. Behance

    Behance is a great place to put all your work and build a portfolio. This portfolio building site, however, works to get you freelancing work.

    People hire most of the graphic designers by seeing their portfolios. From Behance, there is a direct hiring process of freelancers. You get direct appreciation and an offer. 

    9. Canva

    Of course of not a freelancing site. But you can work for Canva and get paid for it. Create a vector or design. Submit of Canva. Wait for approval. 

    Once it is approved, you get your royalties.

    10. Eyeem

    Very similar to the Canva procedure. You get your royalties paid But on Eyeem, you need to upload the realtime photographs over vectors.

    You can create animated graphics or give some after effects, and upload. 

    11. Shutterstock

    Even on Shutterstock, there is an option to load your vectors, graphics, and animations. You can earn royalties here. This is a passive income.

    There are even sites that allow you to share some animated videos and after-effects. 

    12. Telegram

    There are various freelancer’s groups over telegram. Not only groups, but there are also various channels too. You can be a part of designers community over there. 

    There are various opportunities shared in the communities of like-minded than anywhere else.

    Bottom Line

    The best freelancing sites for graphic designers would always be those who have a strong networking facility.