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Future Of Government Jobs In India [Here’s What You Should Know]

    Future Of Government Jobs In India

    What’s the future of government jobs in India? Are they still worth it?

    Getting a government job is like becoming worthy in everyone else’s eyes, isn’t it?

    Aiming and achieving the Government job is not at all an easy task. Everything we have to do is struggle and not end with it.

    This is what we have heard from all the elders about the jobs concerned with government, haven’t we?

    In this article, we will cover the fact that the reality of government jobs influencing the future of government job in India.

    The Future Of Government Jobs In India

    High Competition Low Probability

    The reality is when you’re aiming to prepare for the government jobs you have to go with any one of the alternatives. Because the country is allotting the government jobs only for the hand full people. So here the chances of achieving are quite low. Thus it’s better to have a side by alternative.

    The number is in crores, appearing for the jobs. So it’s quite a troublesome and harsh task to go with government jobs.

    Government Salary is lower than most of the private jobs and businesses

    Here I’m not suggesting, that you should not attempt government jobs. But according to me, you must first know the reason – why you want to even appear.

    If a luxurious lifestyle and comfort are your priority, government jobs are not for you. These days, there are many high-paying job opportunities that allow you ample comfort and family time. Government jobs ask you to work. Or at least, they need you to present at the office every day.

    Government Sectors don’t have flexible working hours

    Looking at the present or future issue concerning the government job, they are not flexible. Nowadays, almost all the private sectors have started giving people the luxury of logging in whenever they want.

    A government employee is and will be respected in the society

    A student holding the position of IAS is always welcomed with enthusiasm and gains a lot of popularity. While the CA, Fashion Designer, Architect are not respected as much as the government employee is.

    This approach must be modified to add a balanced attitude to the growth and employability rate of the country.


    So, this article gives the exact situation of government jobs in India and also gives the Idea of what and how will be the future of government jobs in India. The situation is getting harsh day by day and there’s no control over it.

    The youth of the country must not get disappointed. But try to evoke with all those desires and start something new and overcome the situation. The point is, we simply can’t blame the government and the situation around us. What you can do is – know yourself. Study the statistics of government jobs. If you find it feasible for yourself. Go for it.

    Hope you understand the situation, and make yourself ready for all setbacks and go with a positive attitude and come with a flow of success.