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How To Promote Agricultural Products? [7 Different Ways]

    How To Promote Agricultural Products

    Before we jump into the answer to ‘How to promote agricultural products?‘ let’s take a look at what agricultural marketing is. As the name suggests, agricultural marketing is agricultural products and product marketing.

    Agricultural marketing is mainly divided into two areas. The first area is input marketing, which focuses more on the products that are used as input for the process of farming. For example – fertilizers and pesticides. The second area is called product marketing which focuses on the products that are created out of the agricultural industry.

    When we ask about ‘How to promote agricultural products?’, another question that arises is to whom do you want to sell your product. As there the agricultural industry as farmers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and then customers, you need to understand where your product is going to fit. 

    The way of promoting your product will change according to the type of your product but from a generalized perspective, there are 7 ways you that will definitely help you to reach out to more number of people.

    How to promote Agricultural products?

    1. face to face

     The most traditional and I think the most effective way is to promote your product through face to face marketing. When people see you in real and experience your product in real life, the trust builds up faster and you need to spend lesser time on relations building with customers.

    You can organize an event or a do a village to village campaign to promote your product face to face. you will be able to understand the people’s reactions at the same time and it will help you in the process of product development as-well. Face to face promotion is a very traditional way of doing marketing and many people forget to understand its importance. It is the best way to earn real and loyal customers for your business.

    2. Radio

    Radio is another one of the comparatively older ways of promoting your products yet one of the most effective once, even in these days of the internet. It also depends on the product and your target audience. For example, if you’re trying to promote your product in the countryside then the radio is more effective because the number of listeners is more in these areas.

    The question, ‘ how to promote agricultural products? ‘ can have many answers but the real key is to find the ones that suit your type of product and the kind of audience you’re aiming for.

    3. Journalists

    Journalists can also be of great help for you to promote your products and reach out to more number of people. As most of the products from the agricultural industry are counted as essential services, a new product in this field is not just another business opportunity but also news for all.

    People watch the news for important information and promotion through journalists will escalate your customers’ trust in you.

    4. Internet

    The most modern and trending way of reaching out to the people is through the internet. The possibility is, that there are thousands of people on the internet, already waiting for your product. You just have to find the right place and right people and you can run a whole marketing campaign from your computer. Digital marketing is the way to go when you have a product that needs to reach out to many in the least amount of time.

    You can either get help form a digital marketing company to help you out or you can even learn to do it yourself. Again depending on the number of people you want to reach out to.

    5. Digital marketing

    As mentioned above, with the internet you can promote your product to the maximum number of people in a minimum number of times and digital marketing is the way to go. Why is there a separate point dedicated to digital marketing is because there is another side of digital marketing which is called as influencer marketing. It is a newer and a great way to get an authentic audience for your products.

    You can either become an influencer or you can get the help of other influencers to let your product reach out to their audience. There are already many Facebook and Instagram pages of agricultural products so yes, there will always be a competition but you will have to stand out by offering something value-added.

    6. Giveaways

    Giveaways are another very effective way to gain the trust of new customers and market your product. When we ask, how to promote agricultural products? We also need to understand why would people buy it. The best way to get honest feedback is to give away some of the products for free to some customers and if they really find it useful then they will definitely recommend it to others.

    Your loyal customers are also your sales force in away. If you show trust by giving away some products, then you will definitely get the customers’ trust in return.

    7. Content 

    Content is the king in this world of the internet and social media. If you have a product that holds potential then the worst thing that can happen to it is if people don’t understand what that product actually is. Creating youtube videos that explain your products or creating tutorials and giving away free information works as an added value. It helps you to build an emotional relationship with your customer.


    The product that you have is something that some of the people are already waiting for. With marketing, your goal has to be able to reach out to that specific set of people out there. As far as you’re managing to engage with loyal customers your product will maintain a steady pace of marketing.

    So in few words, the answer to the question, ‘How to promote agricultural products?’ would be – understand the kind of people who would be interested in your product and use these 7 ways to reach out to them 

    Wa-lah! Now you’re good to go and build your dream business.