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10 Best Chatbots For Small Business Teams [Best Picks]

    Best Chatbots For Small Business Teams

    The best chatbots for small business are those that help the business to leverage without having to invest much. Chatbots essentially save a lot for your team and bring the best out of it. These days, every website and application has its own chatbot.

    For the small business owners, it becomes very much necessary to save upon your team. And still carrying out the work in an optimized manner. This is an era of smartness. Not only digitization but the smart digitization with automation makes it cool for you and your audiences.

    Here is a list of smart chatbots for small business that will enhance your business largely.

    List of Best Chatbots For Small Business

    1. Watson Assistant

    Watson Assistant

    A basic bot for any website is Watson Assistant. The primary thing this bot does for you is – it answers all the queries of your visitors. Besides answering the queries, this chatbot for small business handles all the general functions of chatbots.

    Moreover, the chatbot also gets programmed to perform any customized action. The core benefit of having the Watson Assistant is, you save a lot of time and resources in handling your repeated tasks.

    The bot asks questions, gets the information set. Resolves queries of the customers. Help them with further proceedings. These actions are very common, and human interpretation of such tasks will cost you a lot.



    The ultimate aim of any business is to get leads. The ArtiBot helps you create a template that supports your sales. Once the visitor is in, the bot is on. It helps them make the decision. So basically it is like – your audience is not making the decision all alone. You are helping them in making their decision.

    Suppose, your visitor is going without giving you any business, your chatbot will give them more options. Even a free newsletter subscription helps you to capture your lead. This way you are not letting your visitors go back empty-handed.

    Warm leads are warm leads even if they don’t purchase from you at first. ArtiBot manages this with great efficiency. The best chatbots for small business are ones that perform all the necessary tasks to convert your warm leads to hot.



    For any small business, the very first thing is to have your own site. Usually, many of the small businesses tend to budget and simple websites. With the trend, the site also needs to be updated.

    The RightClick chatbot creates a website just by chatting with you. That said if you install the chatbot for your website, the bot will help your visitors build their site.

    If yours is the business of application and website development, this is the right and must-have chatbot for your small business. Your visitors will be amused you see their ideation getting live in front of their eyes.

    And the second thing is, you won’t have to keep your customer explaining everything. Also, the most hectic and irritating job is to give them a scope of work with some wireframe. The hell lot of work is saved for you. With this bot, you are simply sorting out the things for both of you.

    4. Jarvis

    Jarvis Bot

    The most popular AI bot for small businesses is Jarvis. It is actually famous because of its super cool name. Not only its name is superhuman, but this bot is super bot.

    Have you wondered about Google Assistance and Siri’s perfection? Or their timings? Or their accuracy and sense of humor? Yes, Jarvis is programmed very similarly. Jarvis understands your customer’s intent and notes it down for you.

    You are proving your business smart with this simple chatbot – Jarvis. The best chatbots for small business list will never be fulfilled without Jarvis in.

    5. Swelly

    Swelly Social Bot

    Swelly chatbot is not the chatbot actually. It is your BFF. Oh yeah! You can literally let your customers ask this Swelly if they confused about their choices.

    Right from which dress to wear to what place to go, to what plan to choose. Swelly is the answer to all your questions. And as your bestie will respond, Swelly responds you with personalized solutions. And feasible, of course.

    6. Drift

    Drift Bot

    Drift is the Marketing chatbot. The chatbot analyses how people behave when they are on your site. When they come in, where fo they land, how do they roam across your site, what do they check, where do they check out.

    The bot also gives you an in-detail report of the bounce and retention rate of the audiences. With their demographics. Hence, Drift is the best chatbot for small business that aims to focus on marketing.

    7. HubSpot

    HubSpot Bot

    HubSpot might already be your familiar site. Every business at least once has to visit HubSpot. They are so far the top and reliable business solution providers.

    Well, in providing the best chatbots for small businesses, HubSpot has left no stone unturned too. They have taken a step ahead, indeed. And have come up with the DIY chatbot. Chatbot with HubSpot like neat and clean UI. 

    8. Bold360

    Bold360 Bot

    Bold 360 is very similar to what you call A/B testing. A/B testing has several variations. This chatbot just lets your audiences have the choices. While you get the analysis report. 

    Amazing chatbot for the small businesses that are looking forward to testing their audience responses. 

    9. Tradeshift Go

    Tradeshift Go

    When your business demands to travel as a part of the job, all your employees’ expense is on you. You don’t really know if your employee is cheating on you. 

    Hence, Tradeshift Go. The chatbot lets you book flights, buses, hotels, lunches, dining tables, and almost every travel need. You even know the check-ins and check-outs.

    10. Dialogflow

    Dialogflow Bot

    Google supported Chatbot that lets you raise the bar language. Dialogflow chatbot allows your customers to speak their tongue. 

    You get your response and analysis in your tongue. This chatbot has helped a lot of visitors to communicate fluently.

    Bottom Line

    The aforementioned 10 best Chatbots for small business, have contributed a lot to the development of businesses across various niches.