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5 Best Telegram Channel For NSE Intraday [Best Picks]

    Best Telegram Channel For NSE Intraday

    The best telegram channel for NSE intraday trades are literally in hundreds. Just search for the channels in the telegram search bar and you will be confused, which one to join. Every channel will claim to be the best telegram channel.

    Without personally being a part of any telegram channel, you yourself cannot decide which one is the best for you. Be personal experience, many of the users have suggested some useful, genuine, and trustworthy channels.

    Here’s the list of the best telegram channel for intraday:

    Best Telegram Channel For NSE Intraday

    The below list is taken from the reviews and opinions of many people who are at least in the intraday trading for 5 years. The list is absolutely unbiased.


    This is the most reliable telegram channel for NSE intraday. Many freshers have found the guidelines here to be the most useful and profitable.

    If you are new to the market, this channel is the best for you. The admins also let you know about the risks. If the risk is low, you are good to invest.  


    This yet another most trusted channel by many. The users claim that their accuracy and the predictions are most of the time very correct. More than 90% of the time, their accuracy is reported to be on point.

    They also consult you if you have any queries. They call you personally and clear up all your doubts.


    An individual who was trading himself for years finally created his own telegram channel named coverorder. This is a very reliable and informative channel if you are a newbie and trying to learn things.

    As this group is new, the members are less and hence you are likely to get more personal attention. Your queries will be answered in a private message or on a call.


    Stock Pro is actually the institute based in Gurgaon, Delhi. They have their telegram channel where they give suggestions for trading.

    So far, their results are good, and is a reputed institute for NSE intraday trades.

    Intraday&Positional Equity Trades

    This channel is also known for its accuracy in the calls. More than 90% of the calls hit the target. People have reported to be in profit in just a week’s duration.

    Bottom Line

    Search the channel names mentioned above and join them all. After a period of 7 days, decide for yourself – which is the best channel for NSE intraday trading. Also, do let us know your favorite in the comments below.