10 Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market [Best Picks]

Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market

The best telegram channels for stock market that you can trust are the ones that have genuine admins. There are a lot many telegram channels for the stock market that claim to be the best but are not. They are not even active for 2-3 days. Fake results and plagiarised content over the groups are very common scenarios.

Hence, I have personally been into tens of stock marketing telegram groups, if not into hundreds. Here is the gist of what I and many other veteran stock marketers have experienced.

Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market

To decide the best telegram channels for the stock market, you need to decide on your purpose first. If you are a beginner, a different group or channel will suit you. If you are already a master, a different kind of discussion you will be looking for. And this will sum up the best telegram channel to prefer.

Some channels are paid, while some are free. But the paid ones are more trustworthy and genuine.

1. Stock Market Ninjas

It is one of the best stock market channels or groups on telegram that you can follow for the latest stock market updates.

Stock Market and Share Market Live Updates: Get all the latest share market and stock market news and updates in one place.

2. Earn Everyday

This is one of the best channels for stock options calls. They provided every day 4 to 5 sure shot option calls and 1 to 2 cash calls for intraday. Also, they suggest short-term, long-term shares. If you want daily consistent earning from the share market this channel is highly recommended.

3. Jackpot TradeX

This is one of the best channels for Atleast 3 To 4 Highly Accurate calls Daily. Their Calls Include BankNifty Calls, Swing Calls, Daily Intraday Calls, Stock Options Calls, And Many More. They Also Provide Lifetime Premium Membership which is Real & Genuine.

4. StockPro®️ Official

This is Official StockPro Telegram Channel. StockPro is spearheaded by Dr. Seema Jain- Ph.D. IIT (SEBI Registered Research Analyst). Dr. Seema Jain is India’s one of the finest stock market traders, investors, and research analysts.

5. Ghanshyam Tech

Ghanshyam Tech is the best channel for banknifty trades. You will find the most correct predictions here. Also, this channel does not spam-like many other channels.

You are absolutely going to benefit by joining this bank nifty trading telegram channel.

6. Vijay Wealth ProviderStock Phoenix

Vijay Wealth Provider Stock Phoenix is yet another reliable telegram channel for stock marketers. You will receive genuine suggestions and calls every day here.

If you are looking for some guidance, this telegram channel is the best one.

7. Trade On Data®️ Official Telegram Channel

Trade On Data®️ is a collective effort by India’s topmost experts in the stock market to come together and lead the way towards complete financial literacy. Aiming for societal transformation by leading the way towards complete financial literacy. If you are new to Stock Market and looking for some expert advice then this is the best place.

8. Safetraders90

The safetraders90 telegram channel is for freshers. If you do not know where to start and how to do things, this telegram channel is the one for you.

The channel has limited members but the information and the guidance provided are excellent. It is the perfect beginner’s channel for the stock market.

9. Nrj Finance

This Nrj Finance Telegram group is the active group where you get 100% target-oriented calls. They do frequent and daily calls. Also, the success rate is reported to be 98%. All you need to do is, join the group. Rest everything will be explained to you.

The group also has fresher members. So don’t worry if you are a fresher. You will get everything cleared once you join and converse in the group.

10. Nifty F&O Traders

Nifty F & O Traders are best if you are looking for suggestions. They suggest many options and also recommend the best suitable one.

If you are not sure about the future of your investment, they do predict as well. The telegram channel has got its prediction more than 95% of the time right. Hence, it is a trustworthy and genuine platform.

You have options to join either telegram or WhatsApp group. However, I recommend joining and being active in the telegram group over the WhatsApp group. As the group size of the telegram is large, you will have all the members in one place. And the second thing is storage. All the pictures, videos, and voice messages that you will receive will be stored in a cloud in the telegram.

Bottom Line

The above mentioned were the best telegram channels for the Stock market, to my knowledge. Let us know of more channels if you know that are genuine, in the comments below.

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