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6 Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market [Best Picks]

    Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market

    The best telegram channels for stock market that you can trust are the ones that have genuine admins. There are a lot many telegram channels for the stock market that claim to be the best but are not. They are not even active for 2-3 days. Fake results and plagiarised content over the groups are very common scenarios.

    Hence, I have personally been into tens of stock marketing telegram groups, if not into hundreds. Here is the gist of what I and many other veteran stock marketers have experienced.

    What is the Stock market?

    When you are already here to know which are the best telegram channels for the stock market, it is pretty clear that you know what the stock market is. 

    Still, if you are someone who is fresher in this and want to earn real easy money. Then, the stock market is a long-term investment. Although you will be getting easy money, it won’t be instant. And it won’t be really easy either. 

    So, before even understanding the stock market, let us understand if the stock market is for you. 

    Who should invest in Stock Market?

    Every financial advisor that you know of, will highly recommend you to invest in stocks as soon as you can. It is also recommended to invest before you turn 20-25, to reap maximum benefits. 

    However, the stock market can’t be prescribed to everyone without knowing their financial background. Hence, it is personal finance.

    Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market

    To decide the best telegram channels for the stock market, you need to decide on your purpose first. If you are a beginner, a different group or channel will suit you. If you are already a master, a different kind of discussion you will be looking for. And this will sum up the best telegram channel to prefer.

    Some channels are paid, while some are free. But the paid ones are more trustworthy and genuine.

    1. Nifty F&O Traders

    Nifty F & O Traders are best if you are looking for suggestions. They suggest many options and also recommend the best suitable one.

    If you are not sure about the future of your investment, they do predict as well. The telegram channel has got its prediction more than 95% of the time right. Hence, it is a trustworthy and genuine platform.

    2. Stock Market Ninjas

    It is one of the best stock market channels or groups on telegram that you can follow for the latest stock market updates.

    Stock Market and Share Market Live Updates: Get all the latest share market and stock market news and updates in one place.

    3. Ghanshyam Tech

    Ghanshyam Tech is the best channel for banknifty trades. You will find the most correct predictions here. Also, this channel does not spam-like many other channels.

    You are absolutely going to benefit by joining this bank nifty trading telegram channel.

    4. Vijay Wealth ProviderStock Phoenix

    Vijay Wealth Provider Stock Phoenix is yet another reliable telegram channel for stock marketers. You will receive genuine suggestions and calls every day here.

    If you are looking for some guidance, this telegram channel is the best one.

    5. Safetraders90

    The safetraders90 telegram channel is for freshers. If you do not know where to start and how to do things, this telegram channel is the one for you.

    The channel has limited members but the information and the guidance provided are excellent. It is the perfect beginner’s channel for the stock market.

    6. Nrj Finance

    This Nrj Finance Telegram group is the active group where you get 100% target-oriented calls. They do frequent and daily calls. Also, the success rate is reported to be 98%. All you need to do is, join the group. Rest everything will be explained to you.

    The group also has fresher members. So don’t worry if you are a fresher. You will get everything cleared once you join and converse in the group.

    You have options to join either telegram or WhatsApp group. However, I recommend joining and being active in the telegram group over the WhatsApp group. As the group size of the telegram is large, you will have all the members in one place. And the second thing is storage. All the pictures, videos, and voice messages that you will receive will be stored in a cloud in the telegram.

    The above-mentioned were the best telegram channels for the Stock market, to my knowledge. Let us know of more channels if you know that are genuine, in the comments below.

    Now, let’s understand the money quadrant.

    First Quadrant is to have your income fixed. And expenses planned. If either one of these isn’t fixed yet, you need to have your first money quadrant clear. Once, your expenses and income are at least equivalent, you are living a hectic-free life. 

    If your expenses are higher than your income, the stock market isn’t for you at this stage. You need to find ways to increase your income. 

    If you are already having some loan on you. Investing smaller amounts in stocks isn’t recommended. 

    The second Quadrant is where you have a fixed income that exceeds your monthly expenditure. Now, you have room to save. So, the stock market is not a plan for savings. It is an investment plan. And a long-term investment plan.

    So, if your income exceeds your expenditure save the funds for the next 1 year at least. For instance, your monthly expense is 10k INR. Save 1,20,000 INR as a saving. With a 0 risk on it. Plan for health insurance, term insurance, or something similar. Also, Plan for PPF. Plan your pension.

    If you have a loan. Calculate what will be better – paying the lump sum amount or how. If your loan interest is 15% or above, do not consider any saving plans. Pay off your loan first. 

    The third Quadrant is mid-term saving and creating emergency funds. Save money for bettering your life. Save money for acquiring a new skill, invest in your ideas, and work for your dream lifestyle. Buy a better vehicle. 

    Consider FDs, MOD accounts in bank, Gold, Corporate bonds, and Invoice Discounting as better options for mid-term investing. 

    Once your pension, emergency fund, terms, and policies are all settled and you are assured of your income flow, then comes the final quadrant. 

    Fourth Quadrant – Long-term investment. Here comes, the stock market, real estate investment, business investment, huge equity investment, trying meta, NFTs, crypto, and so on. 

    So, coming back to the question – What is Stock Marketing?

    Stock Marketing is, like, you own a company in parts. For example, a company needs an investment of 1 lakh rupees. So it asks 1 lakh, people, to contribute 1 rupee each. So now 1 stock of the company is of 1 rupee. This way, legally speaking, 1 lakh people own the company. And whatever profit or loss the company makes is distributed amongst these 1 lakh people. 

    Let’s understand Stocks in detail:

    Types of Stock market

    • Public: Mostly trading stocks of the country or sector-leading companies.
    • Private: Own company and other private businesses.
    • International Securities Market: Involves stocks from different countries.
    • Transactions are covered by public exchanges.
    • Fluctuating currencies, speculative trading, individual orders, the behavior of big investors, currency futures, and bonds

    How to Invest in Share Market for Beginners?

    Warren Buffet, the most successful investor of the 20th century reveals an important secret to investing as he said “Rule No.1: Never invest in a company unless you can answer these three questions: What are their competitive advantages? Economies of scale? Their potential growth rate?”

    Warren Buffet talks about 3 basic rules to keep in mind and they are a) adopting a low-cost investment approach, b) maintaining high levels of liquidity, and c) investing in great businesses with strong earning power.

    The introduction deals with not only beginner investors but anyone who is interested in learning how Warren Buffett trains his investors.

    Before making an investment in Share Market, investors should know about the three Key strategies or

    approaches for investing in Shares. These strategies might not be suited for every individual and investors

    should choose the one that is most beneficial according to the techniques they are applying them to.

    The First approach is to take a long-term Investment Approach, which provides investors with great returns over a decade of profit. This mainly consists of high-quality blue chips and established businesses that are expected to grow over extended periods of time because they’re really solid with very little risk involved. 

    The second approach is a shortcut which means making a quick investment in shares without paying attention to fundamentals. 

    The third and last approach is ETFs investment which means investing in exchange-traded funds; it’s one of the easiest methods to invest.

    3 Best Stock market books for beginners

    The stock market is a complex system that can be difficult to understand. There are many books out there that can help you learn the basics of the stock market and how it works.

    This article will list some of the best books for beginners in the stock market. These books will teach you about stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. They will also teach you how to invest in stocks and what to look for when investing in them.

    1) The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

    This book is considered one of the best books on investing ever written. It teaches readers about value investing, which is a strategy that focuses on buying stocks at a low price with a high potential for growth. It also teaches readers about risk management and how to avoid common mistakes made by investors. 

    2 ) The Essays of Warren Buffett

    This book contains about 200 essays written by Warren Buffett, one of the great investors in the world. The essays cover a wide range of topics, including his thoughts on how to get into investing and how to make money during different market conditions.

    3) Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison

    Traditionally, candlesticks are used to track the price performance of a particular stock or commodity. Candlestick charts use a set of three lines that represent the high, low, and closing prices for a given time period. By studying these price movements, traders can identify trading patterns and trends that otherwise would be difficult to see. With this book, you will understand the market thoroughly. 

    3 Best FREE Stock Marketing Courses for Beginners

    1. Investing Basics for Millenials by Skill Share

    The course teaches the basics of investments and stocks with all the terms. You understand the concepts and you learn to understand the market through this course. The course is divided into 5 parts. The course is genuine and the content is really informative. 

    2. Investing Master Class by Wealthsimple

    This master class is comprised of 45 minutes only. You can watch it off in one go. It gives you a good insight into the stock market and also teaches when you should retire from the stock market. So, this is the best reason you should watch this course before investing. You should know when to stop, right?

    3. How To Profit From Stock Market Volatility by Udemy

    Every beginner has this fear – what if I lose money. And every beginner asks this – how should I trade that I won’t lose my principal amount? So, here’s this brief course that teaches you exactly the same.