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Business Location Not Showing Up On Instagram? [Here’s Why]

    Business Location Not Showing Up On Instagram

    Business location not showing up on Instagram? Worry not! Yours is not the only business to face such bug.

    Instagram, a most booming platform for your business. Its features add more clarity to your work. Get connected with Instagram and grow more. Location is also a key factory that gains more clients to your business. Hereby this article, we will be discussing the reason why your business location is not showing up on Instagram. Stay connected for more details.

    Business location not showing up on Instagram?

    The time you set your business, go through every significant procedure. This will help you to develop your business and branding too.

    • Before adding the address do check whether it is up to date? If the address isn’t appropriate, it may create an error and your business location won’t be displayed.
    • Another important aspect is to check if your business is on Google map or city map. If your business location is properly fixed here, it will be easy to identify.
    • If you have a poor internet connection, you may miss a few settings to update. Before editing or adding new aspects do check your connectivity. If still, you’re suffering the same problem, do restart your device and check out. Sometimes it may depend on your connectivity.
    • If your application isn’t updated, it may not work properly. Update your every necessary application, as updating helps to know about more features. Do check it after three to four months.
    • If still, you are suffering from the same issue, try this option. Uninstall your application and reinstall or restart your device. You will certainly get rid of it.
    • If your Instagram is not on this list, it may create certain issues. Do check and fix it with the help of the above ideas.

    After trying it out for a time, still, you are suffering the same problem do follow the below steps.

    Initially login to your Instagram account, click on your avatar on your profile. Click on the top right corner you will get a setting click, open it. After opening, you will get a help option, click there and report your problem. Illustrate your problem and you will surely a solution back from.

    Final words 

    We have illustrated few aspects, check out the discussed issue, and lead your business here on Instagram. If you include an appropriate location, it will help your clients to reach out. Fix a better solution and turn on the location setting. All these above clues will unravel your problem for sure.