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Who Is The Highest Paid Government Employee? [Updated List: 2022]

    Highest Paid Government Employee

    Every parent’s first choice is a government job. As they are secure and all that, we all have this question in mind “who is the highest paid government employee?”. And we strive for the government job that pays us the highest. Big Dreams, you know! Okay, so getting to the point.

    Many students study for government jobs because of the security and other perks they bring. It is true that government employment offers greater benefits than a private position. Furthermore, many people are switching from high-paying private positions to it these days.

    However, as we all know, gaining a government job requires dedication and hard work. A guy who is entirely committed to his studies can easily obtain a government position with a respectable wage. In India, there are several types of government jobs.

    Apart from that, there are several government positions available, including the Defense Services, ISRO or DRDO Scientists, RBI Grade Professions, and various PSU jobs. These tests have a high level of competition and need careful preparation.

    Government positions are typically appreciated, particularly for their high-paying job profiles and benefits. So, we’re here to make your journey a little simpler and let you know the highest paid government employees.

    Highest Paid Government Employee in 2022

    Below are the highest paid government employee jobs.

    1. Indian Foreign Services

    The UPSC conducts Civil Services tests to recruit personnel for the Indian Foreign Services. These diplomats are the country’s representatives in other nations. IFS officers spend more than two-thirds of their careers abroad, with a maximum stay of three years in any one nation.

    They get an extra foreign allowance determined on the UN’s Cost of Living Index, which is between USD 3500 – 5000, when in foreign postings, in addition to the pay and benefits of all Grade A personnel.


    • The starting pay ranges from USD 4000 to USD 5500.
    • They are accommodated in some of the world’s most beautiful cities.
    • Their children receive free education at overseas schools.
    • Officially luxury car
    • Housekeeper
    • Medical care is provided free of charge
    • Air tickets at no cost

    2. Indian Administrative Service & Indian Police Services

    In our nation, the IAS and IPS are the most sought-after government posts. These officials get to work in a variety of sectors and are involved in policymaking in India. Most significantly; IAS and IPS officers are entrusted with enormous power. These positions are the most sought among the youth because of the benefits, employment stability, and authority they provide.


    • With DA, the starting pay is roughly Rs. 50,000.
    • When posted as DM, large bungalow-style dwellings in posh areas.
    • A chauffeured car and official vehicle
    • Subsidy for electricity
    • They can make use of study leave to pursue higher education.

    3. Defence Services

    Defence officers are one of the highest paid government employees. One of the finest elements is promotion. People join these services by clearing tests such as the NDA, CDS, and AFCAT. Although pay and benefits differ by service and location, here is a general overview.

    Lieutenant’s starting salary ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 plus DA.


    • Good Accommodation
    • Uniform allowance
    • Rationing is free
    • Allowance for maintenance
    • High altitude allowance
    • Allowance for transportation
    • Allowance for children’s education

    4. Scientist or Engineers in ISRO, DRDO

    Young engineering graduates with a passion for research and development and a desire to contribute significantly to India’s growth narrative can apply for positions as engineers or scientists at ISRO and DRDO, as well as other institutions such as BARC. Working in these groups may gain you a lot of respect in society.


    • At the entry-level, the starting salary is between Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 60,000.
    • Allowance for a house or a place to stay
    • Allowance for transportation: Rs. 7200
    • A six-month bonus
    • Canteens offer free meals

    5. RBI Grade B

    When it comes to financial services, no one does it better than the Reserve Bank of India. The greatest place to start a banking career is with RBI Grade B. It is possible to advance to the position of Deputy Governor. The annual CTC for an RBI Grade B official is expected to be around Rs. 18 lakh.


    • Rs 67,000 (plus DA) as an entry-level pay
    • A 3-BHK apartment
    • Fuel (180 liters)
    • Educational allowance for children
    • Every two years, Rs 1 lakh travel allowance is provided

    6. Public Sector Unit

    Engineers who dislike corporate life sometimes prefer to work for public sector undertakings (PSUs), which provide job stability and pay on par with private sector equivalents. Salaries vary by company and employment location, however most Maharatnas, such as ONGC, IOCL, and BHEL, have a wage structure that is almost identical with slight differences.

    GATE is the most recommended method of getting a job at a PSU. PSUs earn between Rs 10 and Rs 12 lakh in CTC. The wage breakdown is as follows:

    • Gross salary (excluding all allowances): Rs 52,000 (approximately) DA
    • Housing provided by the company or HRA
    • Shift allowance (it boosts your pay by Rs 3000 – 4000)
    • For plant-based locations, there is a special compensatory off

    7. Lecturer and Professor in Government colleges

    Teaching is one of the most serene professions. It gives you plenty of spare time and is perhaps the only career that allows you to take holidays. At the entrance level, an Assistant Professor’s pay ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. Higher pay bands are provided by institutes like IITs, NITS, and others; whilst professors in art colleges are paid less.

    In addition, Ph.D. holders get incentives and extra income. The starting pay for an Assistant Professor in a technical institution is Rs. 75,000 – 80,000. Other perks include medical care, lodging, and a laptop allowance, among others.

    Final Words

    Although obtaining a government job is a challenging procedure nowadays, the proper focus, commitment, and work might help you succeed. If you are a true dream chaser, you will almost certainly land one of India’s highest paid government employees.

    The aforementioned seven government posts can only be obtained through competitive tests. As a result, if you want to work for the government, start preparing as soon as possible.