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What Are The Top Remote Desktop Software For 2023?

    Remote Desktop Software

    One might argue that there’s no need for remote desktop software because everything is stored on the cloud these days. However, it turns out that cloud storage services are not entirely safe and depend on a stable Wi-Fi connection. Also, you cannot upload or download confidential data from cloud storage while connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

    If you always want to stay connected and avoid bringing any interruptions to your workday, the best solution is to know how to access your devices remotely. In this guide, you will learn about the best remote desktop software that will allow you to access your computer from any location quickly. But before this, here’s a bit about how you can remotely control and access your phone from your computer.

    Controlling your iPhone from your Mac

    You can remotely control your iPhone from your Mac using Apple’s Switch Control feature. For this, you must enable the feature by going to System Settings > Accessibility > Switch Control > Switching on the toggle > entering a password if prompted.

    Switch Control’s home panel will be seen on your Mac’s screen, and then all you need to do is navigate to Device in the panel > select your iPhone. For more information, click

    Controlling your Android phone from your Windows 10/11 PC

    Windows 10 and 11 users can remotely control their Android devices from their PC using the Phone Link application. This in-built application allows you to send and receive text messages, see recent photos, manage calls on the computer, etc.

    You can set up Phone Link by updating the app on your computer > installing the companion application Link to Windows on the Android phone > logging into the Microsoft account on both devices > launching the app on your computer and phone > follow the on-screen prompts.

    Now you know how to control your smartphone from your computer remotely. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top remote desktop softwares.

    List Of Top Remote Desktop Software

    Below we’ve listed the best remote desktop software.

    1. Zoho Assist

    Zoho Assist is a multi-functional software that provides users with remote support. With this software, you can enjoy screen sharing and access unattended computers. The software is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac computers, along with iOS and Android devices.

    Users can start a session on their favorite web browser or use the mobile or desktop app. The software is priced at $8.

    2. Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop is known for its user-friendliness and simplicity. The software is free, and the process of setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is straightforward.

    The software is an extension for your Chrome browser and doesn’t just target receiving or giving remote support. It is also an excellent option for people wanting to access their computers remotely.

    3. TeamViewer

    TeamViewer is one of the most popular and widely known remote desktop solutions. The software continues to be one of the best remote desktop solutions for teams of all sizes.

    One of the standout features of this software is that it includes end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. Furthermore, the software includes cross–platform compatibility and two-factor authentication.

    For personal use, the software offers a free version. But if you want to use the software for your business, their business license starts at $50.90 a month.

    Moreover, the software works excellently on both Mac and Windows.

    4. Splashtop

    Splashtop is software that comes in a wide variety of versions. Therefore, you can choose the software version you want according to your specific requirements. For example, suppose you are primarily seeking software to access your computer remotely or a technician wanting to offer remote support to your clients. In that case, you can select the version that best suits your specific needs.

    Splashtop Support starts at $40 a month, while Splashtop Business Access starts at $5 a month. 

    5. Supremo Remote Desktop

    If you are seeking lightweight, user-friendly software for accessing your desktop remotely, look no further than Supremo Remote Desktop. You don’t need to install the software or configure routers and firewalls to use the remote server or PC.

    The software allows users to maintain multiple connections at the same time. You only need a single license to use this software, and then you can stay connected to several computers.

    You can install Supremo as a Windows service, which is one of its most critical features. By doing this, you will automatically launch Supremo whenever you switch on your computer, and you can quickly control your remote machine without needing human intervention.

    The Bottom Line

    The programs mentioned above are some popular remote desktop software. They are all user-friendly and can be set up without much fuss. By being able to control your computer remotely, you can enhance your productivity.