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The Freelance Ecosystem Is Growing And Will Continue To Grow

    Freelance Ecosystem

    The freelance ecosystem is growing, undoubtedly. Do you even remember of dreaming becoming a freelancer when you grow up? Nope! And neither will you remember of dreaming being an employee as a child!

    We all wanted to be someone with an identity. And as we begin to pursue our masters and majors, we start preparing for employment.

    Everyone reading this article will have started freelancing –

    • Either because you wanted to start earning from day one,
    • Or you got fired without any prior notice!

    To all those, who have fallen into this career by mistake, or by the need of an hour. And to all others who are on the fence to decide whether to fall into freelancing. Here’s an article for you. Keep reading on.

    Reasons Why Freelance Ecosystem Is Growing

    The truth is – the freelance ecosystem is growing. The fact is – it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Not at least till the internet puts us back to the ages of papers and pens again.

    Before reading any further, can you guess any reasons why the freelancing ecosystem is growing? And can you guess some really genuine reasons why the freelancing ecosystem will not grow?

    Well, here’s what we see in the future with our specs –

    1. Long Before COVID-19, Freelancing Career Was In Discussion

    Don’t put it on COVID-19! If you are an Indian, you can put it on Jio though. 

    So, yeah. The time when everyone had the privilege to access the internet throughout the day. Indian market got influenced by the freelancing opportunities available on the internet. Or through the internet, to sound more apt.

    Freelancing gave everyone an opportunity to directly connect with the employer and communicate without any conveyor. This made both the parties on the same page and resolved many problems at once.

    As soon as the internet was accessible, job seekers around the world chose freelancing as their option. No one did deny an opportunity. People denied the uncertainty.

    2. Work From Home Culture During Pandemic Increased Freelance Opportunities

    It’s not that COVID-19 doesn’t have any contribution. It contributed a lot, indeed. The freelancing ecosystem was not as much accepted as it is today until the pandemic hit.

    Pandemic made it mandatory to work remotely. And people started considering freelancing as a reliable opportunity since then. Actually, people started considering freelancing and working from home as interchangeable things.

    They are not the same things though. You can, however, call freelancing a WFH thing as everyone understands that term.

    3. Startups Are Hiring Freelancers Largely

    Freelancers were and are largely hired by startups. It is in benefits both. As startups are tight on their budgets, they need a resource who can serve them on-off basis.

    And the same goes with the freelancer. You can serve a company and get your portfolio built up. You can then pitch 10 more similar niched businesses or startups. And that’s where you start growing.

    Also, the opportunities and platforms for freelancers are plenty. No, literally!

    4. Employers Are Finding Freelancers As An Asset

    Employers are obviously finding freelancers as an asset to their company. Firstly, you don’t have to pay them for the weekends. You don’t have to buy them laptops and whatnot.

    Freelancers are sitting at their places, using their equipment and their ambiances. All you have to do is communicate.

    5. Flexibility Of Working Hours And Location Is A Boon To Many

    The core and genuine reason for not taking up some opportunities were the location barrier. And with freelancing opportunities, the main barrier was gone.

    Also, the commute was an unnecessary and unproductive thing that we had to do as a routine. When even that one thing got cluttered off, the entire routine seemed nicer and more productive.

    6. Internet Connectivity Has Brought A Global Evolution

    The Internet made it possible to have many such job opportunities that didn’t exist a decade ago. And the opportunities were so that people could hop on to one single project from 4 different places. And that’s what people loved.

    Freelance opportunities exist because the internet exists. Otherwise, even freelancing had a lot of limitations which never made it a reliable source of income, before the internet.

    7. Currency Differences Has Made It Profitable To Both The Parties

    When a country like the US hires someone skillful from Indonesia, both parties were making high profits. That’s what made clients and freelancers happier about the freelancing ecosystem. 

    This started growing gradually yet prominently. And the entire world started joining the trend.

    8. No More Hiring & Firing Game

    Most of the time the HRs were seen hiring and firing the employees. This even made us think that HR has only one job – to hire people and to ask them partly as friends as the company has a lower volume of work for them.

    With freelancing opportunities, companies are commuting with the employees by themselves. There’s no room for any Chinese gossiping game as well. This improved the quality at par.

    9. Freedom Of Work & Freedom At Work

    What does an employee want? Freedom! The package comes later. For any employee, a package is something that brings him/her in. But freedom is something that makes them stick.

    True employer branding began with the freelancing ecosystem, rather. People started loving their work. And people even started loving their boss, man!

    10. Liabilities Are Cut Off Highly

    This is on top of everyone’s head! The employer knows he is saving what. Freelancer knows he is saving what. Everyone is just cutting off the crap.

    And that’s what makes both of them seem cooler. It reflects in their work too. A win-win, right?

    Bottom Line

    So, in a nutshell, the freelance ecosystem is growing. And there’s absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be growing.

    Except – 

    • People aren’t dedicated and trustworthy
    • People aren’t disciplined and need too many follow-ups.

    But the exceptions are replaceable with serious freelancers you know.