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Can You Freelance While Employed? [Complete Info]

    Can You Freelance While Employed

    Can you freelance while employed? It depends on what kind of employment ship are you into. And what kind of freelancing are you wishing to do.

    Can You Freelance While Employed?

    First, you need to clarify what’s your purpose behind freelancing while being employed. Many people want to earn some extra money. Others want to have an alternative option, and few others want to simply try it out. So, have your purpose clear before starting off.

    Depending on the nature of work, and the terms of the company that you are placed in, you will get a better idea. The question is not about your choice and will, but about companies’ legal policies too. Here is an in-depth insight into the same.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Canada?

    In Canada, IT-related jobs are increasing tremendously. So if you are employed in Canada, you are most likely to be working for an IT firm. Usually, IT jobs are 5 days a week and hence, weekend freelancing is possible.

    Now, which one of the following categories do you fall into –

    if you are working in Canada and willing to freelance in Canada,

    or you are working in Canada and willing to freelance outside Canada,

    or you are working outside Canada and are willing to freelance in Canada.

    Choose one of the above categories and then it will be a bit easier to figure it out. The things that matter are simple. You should have your employers legal permission. Second, you should have that much of time and energy.

    But seeing the work nature of the jobs in Canada, you have opportunities to freelance in Canada.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in UAE?

    UAE have many job opportunities. However, the job designation and the nature of work demands your on-site availability.

    If you are residing in UAE, you can opt to freelance some software projects in UAE. The work in UAE is usually physical and in person more. Software works are comparatively low in UAE.

    If you wish to freelance projects from outside UAE by staying in UAE, you can do so easily.

    The thing to consider is – if the country you are taking freelance projects from is having currency greater than or equivalent to yours. Otherwise, it won’t be profitable for you.

    Can I freelance while working full-time in India?

    In India, the freelance opportunities are increasing largely since past decade. Many IT firms are also building their freelance team.

    There are plenty of local and international freelance opportunities for freelancing in India.

    Indians mostly prefer working for European and States clients. These projects actually benefit both the parties. The differences in the currency serves to the profit of both employer and employee.

    Hence, there are many Indians who are opting for freelancing as a full time career. But if you are thinking of freelancing while doing another full time job in India, you might need to take a short projects. As the workload and holidays might not always be in your favor. 

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Germany?

    Germany grants a freelance visa or self employed visa to the personals working from the residency. If you are employed full time in Germany, you might not have to apply for these visas. However, you will have to get a permission from your employers.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in IBM?

    Every IT firm have their own set of regulations. It depends on your work designation. IBM has not announced any such restrictions on freelancing external project yet.

    But you need to have a word with your employer and should maintain confidential information about your project at IBM.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Accenture?

    Accenture is very much flexible with its terms. If you are a full time employee at Accenture, you are most probably supposed to be occupied with your projects. Still, if you get time, you certainly can take up a freelance project.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Wipro?

    Wipro restricts its employers from working on outside platforms. If you need some extra money, it is always safer to communicate with your employer. Know which platforms and projects are you allowed to actually work on.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Capgemini?

    Capgemini allows you to take external projects. If you are a fresher, your most of the time will be occupied in training yourself. So, after you are trained enough and you have an ample of time, you can certainly take a freelance project.

    Can we do freelance work while employed in TCS?

    Firm like TCS where variety of jobs and projects are available already, you might not left with extra time and energy to take external work. Still, if you wish to take a freelance project, do check the terms and condition of the project you are working on.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Infosys?

    Infosys has its own guideline for its projects and team members. If you are in a team working for certain project already, you need to follow its rules. Their projects demand your time and dedication.

    If you are able to manage the time properly, do communicate with your employer.

    Can I do freelance work while employed in Cognizant?

    Cognizant have restricted its employers to take freelancing projects from certain sites. It is just to maintain their own security of the projects and ideations.

    Hence, before you take up the freelance work, know what are you restricted about.

    Bottom Line

    To conclude the question – ‘can you freelance while employed’, the answer boils down to – do your employer legally allow you to do so? And are you actually prepared to do both jobs at a time?

    Also, you need to understand the rules and legalities of the nation you are residing in and the nation that you are willing to projects from.

    If you are an full time employee, do try your hands on a freelance project. If you find yourself comfortable managing both the things, do carry on.

    Usually, people find it hectic to manage both the things at a time. So they end up sticking to either of the one.

    Try your hands on a freelance projects, while pandemic is still allowing you to work from home. And do let us know about your experience in the comments below.