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10 Top Freelance Websites For Beginners [Secret List 2022]

    Top Freelance Websites For Beginners

    Top freelance websites for beginners who wish to start readily with their career. These days, in India, the freelancing career is crazily booming.

    Post-pandemic, freelancing has become a normal job opportunity. And thus, the competition has increased.

    I am doing freelancing for more than 7 years now and I would recommend to you some portals that are 100% trustworthy and assured.

    Top Freelance Websites For Beginners Recommended By Veteran Freelancers

    Below are the top freelance websites for beginners:

    LinkedIn / Indeed

    Though these portals are job-oriented, the future of jobs is now remote. So, you will be finding more freelancing opportunities on such job portals.

    I personally would recommend you LinkedIn if you are a beginner. Start building your portfolio and connections over LinkedIn. Start pitching your target audiences. Extend some genuine offer to them.

    While beginning, you could even offer some Free trials to your audience. This “free” is never really free! You will be getting feedback. And you will be having your portfolio built.


    There are many different platforms that offer freelancing services. But Thumbtack is one of the most popular ones.

    Thumbtack is a website that connects customers with professionals in their area. It has a wide range of services available, including home repair, moving, and event planning. Thumbtack offers freelance services in categories such as design, copywriting, photography, marketing, administrative work, and more.

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    If you are looking for flexible hours or remote work opportunities then Flexjobs is the best place to start your search!

    The platform offers many different types of freelance jobs including design, marketing, writing, translation, programming, and more. It also has a large variety of job categories such as IT & Programming, Writing & Editing, Marketing & Sales Management, etc.

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    Toptal is a freelancing website that connects businesses with talented software developers, designers, and data scientists. It provides access to the world’s best talent without the long-term commitment or fixed costs of a traditional hiring process.

    It helps companies find their next great hire by vetting hundreds of candidates and matching them with specific needs. Companies can save up to 50% on hiring fees while accessing a pool of talent they may not have been able to find in other ways.

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    Appen is a huge platform for artists. If you are into voice-over, podcasting, transcribing, translating. This is the platform for you.

    When you register with Appen, you will have daily job opportunities getting to you. Here, you don’t even have to actively bid. You will have freelance jobs landing in your mailbox daily.


    It is a forum-type platform. You can ask your queries and discuss anything with the like-minded community.

    However, Reddit offers a decent amount of freelance jobs with a decent pay scales as well. If you join the freelance groups and communities in the app, you will be getting buzz of jobs.

    Instagram / Facebook / Telegram

    These are social media platforms. However, there are several groups and businesses on these platforms that you can’t even imagine the opportunities for.

    If you observe, these social media platforms are becoming a micro search engines in themselves. There are a lot of businesses coming up on these platforms, making you opportunities.

    You are just a pitch away from them.


    An amazing minimalistic platform for jobs of all sorts. You can directly chat with the recruiter. It’s up to you now!

    It is one of the coolest job apps that I have used.


    It is a genuine freelancer portal. Out of the many others that I have personally used, this one is genuine.

    Bid and get projects for real, within days.

    KoolKanya / Sheroes

    Only women communities to communicate. You can ask and share anything.

    There are spaces dedicated to jobs and freelancing opportunities. These spaces are all genuine and trustworthy. Highly recommended for women looking for freelancing opportunities.


    Thus the top freelance websites for beginners.

    If you know any other website that’s working for you, do comment below.

    If you get a project from the above-listed websites, do let us know. Also, do let us know if don’t get any projects. We will help you get one.