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How To Become Freelance Concept Artist? [Easy Guide]

    Become Freelance Concept Artist

    In this article, we will tell you how to become freelance concept artist. Here’s everything you need to know.

    Concept artists are the visual thinkers of the creative industry. They help companies and brands to create a unique and memorable brand experience. Freelance concept artists have the opportunity to make a living from their creative ideas.

    They can even work on a freelance basis while they pursue full-time employment or go back to school. Freelance concept artists typically sell their work through client requests and by using social media platforms such as Instagram, Behance, and Pinterest.

    How does one become Freelance Concept Artist?

    Freelance concept artists are in high demand and have many opportunities for work. They can choose to either work in the games industry, advertising, or graphic design. It is important to keep your skills up to date, as the field changes rapidly.

    You should also be able to work quickly and efficiently while managing your time effectively. One way you can become a freelance concept artist is by going through school programs like art school or digital art programs that offer courses in game design, advertising, or graphic design.

    Concept Arts:

    • Designing detailed scenarios for indoor, and outdoor
    • Creating creatures with human emotions
    • Creating human-like sketches

    Where are the best places to find work as Freelance Concept Artists?

    Freelance painters have several options for marketing themselves in this digital age. Artists’ favorite channels for showcasing their work and advertising their services to clients are generally portfolio sites and social media, but these aren’t the only options. Freelance websites also help you in marketing your skills to a bigger customer of potential clients.

    As a freelance concept artist, you can find work by targeting companies that need your skills. However, there are also many other places where you can find work as a freelancer – such as websites, social media platforms, and online communities.

    The best places for beginning freelancers with digital skills to find work as freelance concept artists include:

    • Websites
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Online Communities

    Responsibilities of Concept Artist

    The art director or creative director gives the artist a briefing. This brief could include details about the character’s personality, look, or any other design-related information. After that, the concept artist starts sketching rough ideas. Two, twenty, or two hundred pictures are possible.

    The discovery phase, on the other hand, is important. In this way, a blank page becomes a complete product. Once the artist has come up with a few exciting ideas, they will begin digitally painting them into a complete model.

    The best artists provide a front view, back view, and profile view of the character to provide all angles for the design.

    • Working with the project team to come up with ideas and understand the project brief.
    • Providing the project team with concepts, research, and references.
    • Investigate project materials such as translation styles, characters, and related projects.
    • Participating in feedback sessions and keeping track of improvements.
    • Taking early concepts and turning them into rapid sketch draughts for approval.
    • Creating detailed concept designs in a range of mediums, such as 2D drawings or 3D models, that are unique to the project.
    • Characters, environments, props, and designs are being developed based on input.
    • Manage project timelines and schedules, and notify the supervisor of any problems.
    • Keeping up with the newest design trends and technological advancements.

    Skills to become a Freelance Concept Artist

    Knowledge of Color

    A concept artist must be able to work with color, composition, drawing, and modeling. Knowledge of 3D applications is also required, as to experience with Unreal Engine.

    Imagination and Keen Observation

    Being a concept artist is about observation and imagination more than any other skill. The most vital thing here is to communicate your imagination to your teammates who might not able to visualize your imagination. Making your audience visualize your imagination is the key here.

    Open and broad Attitude

    Good problem-solving skills and a willingness to learn new things are the number one traits that employers value most in graduates. These skills will be sure to solve any problem you have at hand, plus you’ll be able to create amazing concept art as well.

    What are the best resources for learning Illustrator and Art Direct?

    The following are some of the best resources for learning how to illustrate and art direct well.

    There are many ways to learn how to illustrate and art direct well. One way is by taking a course in an illustration school or college, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Another way is by studying the work of illustrators who have received great acclaim for their illustrations and art direction.

    The following websites offer a number of illustrators that you can study:

    • Illustration Magazine
    • Society of Illustrators
    • The New Yorker Magazine
    • Art Directors Club


    Freelance concept artists are in high demand. They create a wide range of illustrations and visual effects for movies, games, advertising campaigns, and more. If you want to become freelance concept artist, you need to know your worth.

    As a freelance artist, your main job is to come up with interesting concepts for the client and design them into visuals that the clients will like. You also need to be able to communicate with the client and provide them with an estimated budget for your work.