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How To Get Work On Upwork With No Experience? [Expert Tips]

    How To Get Work On Upwork With No Experience

    Get work on Upwork with no experience by keeping your profile polished. The things that matter on any freelance site are – your profile picture, bio, and your work portfolio.

    Beyond these primary things, the employer will see for your skills and recommendations. Considering you are a fresher, you will not have recommendations and endorsements at a moment.

    You will need to work on your skillsets, as a fresher. Here are the little yet very effective thing to get work on Upwork with no experience.

    How to Get Work On Upwork With No Experience

    Have a captivating profile

    Your profile picture matters. Your profile picture tells your Genuity. Many HRs and managers are on the position to hire even from the platforms like Upwork. So they know you just by seeing your profile picture. They can easily figure it out, which photo is edited one.

    The next thing after the profile picture is your heading. The heading is your title that describes your specialization. Suppose, you are a graphic designer. You can put your achievements or your specialty in the title. Like – Infographic designers.

    Write a genuine bio

    A copy-pasted bio have been read by your employer a lot many times. So, try to keep your bio crisp, conversational in tone, and genuine.

    By genuine I mean, keep it simple and true. For example, if you are doing graphic designing, after your completion Engineering and MBA. Write it down why you chose the path that you have chosen.

    Be true in your bio. That reflects your attitude, approach and personality. 

    Add your own portfolio

    Many times, to get work on Upwork with no experience, freshers steal someone else’s work. Just to showcase your work, you are not supposed to show some other work, which is not yours.

    Create your own portfolio. Work on practicing your skill, so you can have your portfolio done. Keep building and upgrading your portfolio.

    Keep your price low, initially

    As you have no experience yet, go with low prices. Or I would even suggest you work for Free. Initially, until you get your experience, you may offer your clients to work for free.

    This is actually a win-win situation. You get a platform to work in an industry project. And they are saving their money. It is like an internship. But a freelance internship.

    Be active on Upwork

    There are many employers who are looking for someone who can start their work right away. So, you need to be active on the platform.

    You can start bidding the project, as soon as it is posted. This will help the employer know that you are readily available. For the ones who are wanting their work to be accomplished at the soonest, will surely engage with you.

    Keep your profile updated 

    To get work on Upwork with no experience, it is very essential to have your profile updated. Tell them what you are up to. Let them know, what have you done recently.

    By keeping your profile updated, your employers are getting to know you better. They are knowing that you are up to something. May it be learning new skills or handling your very first bid.

    You can even add your experience and case studies. Just to let people know, how have you handled your first gigs. And for your self-analysis too, this is important.

    Keep learning new skills

    Even if you are a fresher, you are a fresh employee, not a fresh learner. You must always be a veteran learner. After all, learning never goes in vain.

    You must know updated skills. For example, as a graphic designer, the more tools you are able to handle, the better you will be.

    You make yourself capable of hiring, by updating your knowledge. Never stopping to learn is what every employer wants his employee to be. No matter even if his employee is a remote, contract-based, or on a permanent role.

    Take tests to showcase your skill merit

    Upwork has a feature of taking a test in a particular niche. You can simply choose which skill of yours, do you think, is the nicest one. And check it for yourself.

    If you have got the threshold numbers in the test, you are thinking about yourself in the right manner. Else, you know what! You need to come out of your over-confidence and take some courses.

    Of course, the course will serve you – by proving your knowledge, skillsets, and the certificate. And all these things are equally important to get work on Upwork with no experience.

    Have an outstanding yet simple proposal gig

    The employer is going to receive more than hundreds of applications and proposals. How and why would he choose to read yours?

    Give them a reason to open your proposal. The purpose of your subject line should always be – make them click your proposal/application.

    The subject line or heading is never to make them hire you. It is to make them at least consider you, worth their attention.

    The purpose of your gig body is to convince them – how you are better than the experienced ones too.

    Bottom Line

    There are various ways to get your first gig on the Upwork. Many freelancers happen to lose their hope and patience in the process.

    There is no hard and fast procedure or hacks to get work on Upwork with no experience. However, the aforementioned pointers are consider-worthy for every fresher on the Upwork.