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How To Become Freelance Fashion Designer? [Within 30 Days]

    Become Freelance Fashion Designer

    Want to become freelance fashion designer? These days, freelancing has opened up a lot many career opportunities. When it comes to fashion designing, there are a lot of feasible freelance opportunities available.

    We all have been fashion designers for our siblings and best friend. However, when it comes to a serious note, we all wished for a professional fashion designer. And that’s where freelance fashion designers’ need was born.

    The demand is actually increasing day by day. And seeing the reels over Instagram which are actively promoting fashion niche through various influencers, fashion designers have got a real scope. The scope is really real. Unlike the engineering scope that you are aware of.

    So, here’s all the whys, whats, and hows.

    Steps To Become Freelance Fashion Designer

    Below we’ve mentioned some steps on how to become a freelance fashion designer.

    1. Study Fabric Tradition

    So let’s start from the basics. Firstly, you need to know traditions and need to understand what adds elegance. Study the patterns. Study the models. Check out millions, billions of event photographs to sense the fashion trends.

    Develop your sense to such a level that you know which attire will go with what. Know the tradition and culture of attire, have detailed fabric knowledge, and detail color knowledge.

    2. Learn Fashion Trends

    Take courses and classes where you learn all the minute details of sewing and stitching. Learn everything about the patterns, cuts, tricks, hacks, and designs.

    Start designing and trying your hands on something new every single day.

     3. Create your Fashion Design Portfolio

    Start building your portfolio. Without a proper portfolio, you will be missing many opportunities. Create portfolios to understand your skills and showcase the same as the USP.

    4. Choose your niche

    Choose your fashion designing niche depending on your skills and talent. If you have a good sense of traditional and ethnic wear, your niche would be a wedding fashion designer. If you are good with the latest and trending styles, your niche would be a pre-wedding fashion designer.

    Surf for more fashion-related requirements and you will find your perfect niche.

    5. Start outbound marketing to get clients

    Create your Instagram page, start your Quora space, and create the Pinterest page. Start approaching your potential audience with your proposal and portfolio.

    You can, initially, offer some free lead magnets if that’s possible for you. In return, you can ask them for honest feedback and testimonials.

    Career Opportunities For Becoming Freelance Fashion Designer

    Some career opportunities for becoming a freelance fashion designer are:

    1. Fashion Consultant

    Become a fashion consultant for events, festivals, photoshoots, or business purposes. There are many career opportunities in fashion consulting.

    2. Image Consultant

    Image consultants help aspirants to appear best for interviews or auditions. Many students, models, and stars do require a professional image consultation.

    3. Stylist

    Become a stylist to style a specific character for a specific role or event. A lot many gatherings, shoots, events, and functions require a stylist.


    This is how to become freelance fashion designer. Your journey as a fashion designer won’t take you more than 90 days once you have mastered all the needful skills.

    Do you have any other fashion designing opportunities in mind? Just comment below and let us know.