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6 Best Telegram Channel For Options Trading [Best Picks]

    Best Telegram Channel For Options Trading

    The best telegram channel for options trading would vary in accordance to what you exactly want. If you are the person seeking calls and continuous follow-ups, your best groups would be different than the ones who want to study on their own.

    Here’s a list of the best telegram channels for options trading for beginners to veteran ones. We have a recommendation for the range of channels that will add value to your options trading path.

    List of Best Telegram Channel For Options Trading

    Here’s the list of best telegram channel for options trading that will make help you exercise your option rights in options trading. 

    1. The Options Club

    The options club is a telegram channel that is reported with more than 80% accuracy. Hence, if you are expecting a call with accuracy, this is the channel where you should be in. 

    The channel is performing very effectively where the admin is giving calls and making it simpler and more effective for the users. Most of the users have found this channel really helpful.

    2. Shivamtradingacademy

    If you are looking for a channel that studies and comes with something beyond the news and predictions, this is the one. The channel helps you discover the charts that speak of the market of the past. 

    Instead of completely relying on the news and future prediction, this channel studies, and analysis the past results. This also helps you in better trading as you get a glimpse of probabilities while plotting the predictions. 

    The Zerodha upstock angel broking group is a discussion group for this cannel – Zerodha_upstox_angelbrokinggroup.

    3. Optionstraders

    As the name goes, it is one of the most popular telegram channels for options trading. The reason behind being popular is – its name, and it is older, it is popular with many subscribers. And it is free too. 

    If you are a newbie, you will find like-minded people and a community here. To stick to its name, options traders are doing pretty good in helping you with the trading. 

    4. Fno advisory

    Fno advisory is the genuine and free telegram channel on which you can rely on. You are not asked for any charge charges for taking consultation.

    5. binaryareyou

    You will get loads of material to study the options trading market. You can make your decisions for yourself here. Also, you get their recommendations and advice. 


    The supreme market is also an accurate channel in making the calls and fetching out the charts. You will find it helpful to make your decisions accurately.

    The nice thing about the supreme market is, it is absolutely free of cost. There are no premium features and charges hidden.

    Bottom Line

    Options trading is one of the preferred trading methods as it gives the option to call and put a stock. After the call option, you are not restrained to buy the stock. If you would like to hold it on, you can hold on. 

    As this options trading is the safer and nicer option, you will also need a mentor who will consult you if you should put or hold the stock. So the listicle of the best telegram channel for options trading for you make it seem simpler.