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10 Best Website Builders For Restaurants [Best Picks]

    Best Website Builders For Restaurants

    The best website builders for restaurants is the necessity of an hour. Lately, in 2-3 years, restaurants are changing the way they have been operating, presenting, and serving. Every restaurant is serving and delivering through online platforms. Hence, the website is for restaurants have highly become the norm and necessity.

    If you are a restaurant owner, and while you can consider outsourcing your website development work to a professional developer.

    List of Best Website Builders For Restaurants

    Flavor Plate

    Flavor Plate website builder is designed for restaurant purposes only. Actually, the website builder that is dedicated to the niche, is more superior to the general-purpose website builder.

    With the flavor plate, you simply have to create a website from the templates that are already drafted with the restaurant perspective. So it is fairly simple to create your website.

    Even if you choose to build the website on your own, you can easily do it. If you are outsourcing your website development task, still you can update and modify your site as and when needed.


    Gloriafood is yet another restaurant website builder platform. These dedicated platforms actually have done the homework on your part. And hence, you don’t really have to sit and decide the website page wireframe.

    You won’t need any coding skills to develop the restaurant website with Gloriafood. It also has so many high definition pictures to choose from.

    All the themes and pictures are designed to suit the restaurant perfectly. 

    Let’s Eat

    When you want to promote your food, colors, and feel matter the most. This website builder platform helps you design the website in a way that your dishes and specialty is focused on.

    Build a website that speaks of itself. The Let’s Eat website builder comes with splendid colors and filters. You don’t have to decide and make a choice of food colors, combinations, and filters. The theme has already taken care of that.

    The website builder also has an option to place a coupon and print it. The menu card options are also amazing and easy to use. It is basically an all-you-need website builder for restaurants. 


    The website builder for restaurant which has everything that a restaurant could demand for. This platform is mainly known for its easy to use features and tools. 

    If you are new to both website making and restaurant business, this is the website builder for you. With the simple and free tools you can build the excellent restaurant website. 

    Smart Restaurant Website Builder 

    As the name goes, this website builder is that simple. To have a neat, clean and minimalist websit for restaurant, this smart restaurant website builder is the one. 

    For all the straight forward restraurant owners, who smiply want to share their website only for inbound marketing purpose, this is excellent tool. 


    FoodieBuild restaurant website builder is for marketing and promotion proposes. With this platform, you can place all your dishes with all the fanciful options on the website. 

    For instance, you can add what all your dish has and how mouth smacking it really is. A picture and a slow video can manipulate your visitors to grab the dish that’s your favorite. 

    FoodieBuild is amazing website builder with lot of customization options available. 


    BentoBox is actually not recommended for a non-techie or first time website developer person. However, the website builder is very good to serve the purpose.

    If you want, you can outsource to developer who knows BentoBox pretty well. The best thing of BentoBox is that they allow you to make your pricing plan. According the features, you can make your plan. 


    The most flexible website builders for restaurants. It allows you to choose from a Wide range of templates and pictures available related to the food. You can customize your own too.

    The best website builder for the beginners and restaurants owners.


    Many restaurant websites are built with Squarespace. If you are outsourcing your website developing task to the developer, they will definitely choose Squarespace if not Wix, and WP.


    Ucraft is the best website builder in general. It makes you the best professional and business purpose website.

    It is good for restaurant website building, if you want the professional look. 


    The above mentioned platfroms are the best website builders for restaurants and is a totally unbiased listicle. The website builders are not mentioned in accordance with the ranking or preferences. They are randomly placed.