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5 Best Chatbots For Ecommerce [Best Picks For You]

    Best Chatbots For Ecommerce

    The best chatbots for Ecommerce help the customers get the best virtual shopping experience. Ecommerce is actually a virtual store or a virtual mall. As the best store is one with the best service and assistance, the same goes for Ecommerce.

    Let all your customer queries be solved and satisfied with the AI bots. The chatbots for the eCommerce site actually bring the leads and improves the conversion rate.

    Here are the best chatbots for Ecommerce to skyrocket your Ecommerce business with great customer service and experience.

    List of Best Chatbots For Ecommerce

    1. BotCommerce

    BotCommerce Bot

    BotCommerce is the real innovative bot in the forte of eCommerce. The chatbot integrates Shopify and Magento. Two of the largest eCommerce building platforms. With BotCommerce, you can directly chat with your customers on product consultation.

    Within the chat itself, the bot consults your visitors about which product should they go for. Considering their budget, preference, and purpose, the chatbot helps them sort the things out.

    Your customers can even track their orders, make payments, and ask for any bug issues to the chatbot.

    2. Letsclap

    Letsclap Bot

    Letsclap is one of the best chatbots for eCommerce for its compatibility with multimedia. The bot allows you to give the introductory video of any particular product that your customers inquire about.

    When your customer has any bugs or is stubbled at any of the product functioning, a how-to-fix video is always a cool idea. The bot allows your merchants to share the customized video, image, and text with your customers.

    3. Argomall

    Argomall Bot

    Agromall is the chatbot used by Agromall named store in the Philippines. The functioning of the chatbot was so clean and smooth, that the chatbot became popular with the same name.

    Making the same chatbot on Chatfuel or other chatbot building sites is very much possible. However, using Agromall as it is will cost you some bucks less.

    The key feature of the chatbot is streamlining the sales process. Right from the checkout to your delivery, you are synced with the store and merchant. And after the delivery is made, the after services are always a tap away. 

    4. Operator

    Operator Bot

    Operator is one of the best chatbots for eCommerce selling their products overseas. If you are purchasing a product from abroad, you are more concerned than the product coming locally.

    With Operator, you get all the updates about the payment status and delivery status. The conversion of the currency, payment mode, and other details are answered with the chatbot.

    The abroad deliveries don’t have to bother your customers anymore. With Operator, the chatbot gives your customer the live tracking status. They also get an essence of trust with the chatbot. Else, abroad delivery is always a subject of concern for both the parties.

    5. HelloFresh

    HelloFresh Bot

    Usually, when your customers try to contact eCommerce customer care, it is to fix some or the other issue. And making them wait is not a sign of good customer support. 

    HelloFresh is a customer support chatbot. Till your executive gets in touch with your customer, bot collects the needful inputs. 

    The chatbot helps your customer to get an instant solution for their query. This saves your time and only filtered queries get to customers.

    Bottom Line

    With the best chatbots for eCommerce you can grow your business effectively. Putting your customers’ ease on the priority earns you a lot more than business. Technology is granting this great support of AI bots to assist your customers best.

    These days, everything has become online. And everything has become fast. Without AI chatbots to assist you yourself and your customer, you are actually losing competence.