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How To Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask? [Guide]

    Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask

    Here’s everything about how to add Binance smart chain to MetaMask.

    With the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies, we clearly know what the future is going to be. For a transaction, crypto wallets are estimated to be the medium in Metaverse. And even today crypto transactions are been made. The crypto wallets are working on blockchain technology.

    Binance Smart Chain is an autonomous blockchain, which implies it could continue to function even if Binance Chain went offline, due to its comparable design and ability to run side by side.

    A popular cryptocurrency wallet is Metamask. It’s a cryptocurrency wallet that connects you with decentralized applications while browsing the web.

    It supports several networks, including the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain networks, and can hold many private keys. It enables transactions between decentralized apps. MetaMask also is in use to register for NFT markets.

    Binance Smart Chain And Metamask

    People are looking to transfer their coins to wallets or other exchanges as the cryptocurrency industry grows. Users have begun to experiment with different crypto wallets in their search for dependable wallets that can protect their money as effectively as possible. You may move your Binance Smart Chain coins to MetaMask.

    Steps to Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask

    Below are the steps to add Binance smart chain to MetaMask.

    Step 1: Install MetaMask On Your browser.

    You must first install the extension to get started with the MetaMask wallet. Depending on your browser, you may find it in a variety of markets. Metamask is available in all browsers. So finding it is not difficult.

    • Go to Google and choose Extensions.
    • Installing MetaMask is the next step.
    • Now, click the Add to Chrome button.

    Step 2: Wallet Configuration

    Certain settings in MetaMask have to change to focus the wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network nodes in order to link it to the Binance Smart Chain DApps.

    • Select Network from the Settings screen.
    • Click Add Network in the upper-right corner to manually add Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

    There are two Smart Chain Networks Testnet and Mainnet.


    On the top right side, Tap on Account Profile > Settings > Networks > Add Network.

    Add the Binance Smart Chain Testnet and save it.

    • Network Name – Binance Smart Chain Test
    • New RPC URL –
    • Chain ID – 97
    • Currency Symbol – BNB
    • Block Explorer URL


    The mainnet is a fully built blockchain network, whereas the testnet is generally a functional prototype.

    • Network Name – Smart Chain
    • New RPC URL –
    • ChainID – 56
    • Symbol – BNB
    • Block Explorer URL –

    To add the network, click Save.

    You will automatically switch to the BSC mainnet after clicking Save, and the coin symbol and logo in the wallet’s Web application will change from ETH to BNB.

    Step 3: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network 

    • You must now manually input the BSC network information one by one.
    • Save after typing the above network information.
    • The BSC network will be immediately updated on your MetaMask wallet application when you click Save.

    Step 4: Entering Funds in the Wallet

    Now that we’ve learned how to link Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask, it’s time to start trading using our Metamask Wallet.

    • Obtain and copy the symbol contract address.
    • You will be directly brought to the BSCScan page after clicking on the address, where you may copy the contact address.
    • Return to MetaMask and choose Add Token.
    • Select Next after pasting the copied contract address into MetaMask.
    • Select Add Token to finish the process.

    Advantages Of Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask

    • Transfer of BNB, ETH, and other currencies becomes easier.
    • By adding Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask you have the next level of currency control privilege with you.
    • Enables you to access all DApps available on Binance Smart Chain System.


    MetaMask is known for its simple UX, Omni-availability, connection with exchange and NFT websites, and support for hundreds of tokens across different blockchains. Using the wallet on most sites is as simple as following the prompts to send and receive bitcoin or trade NFTs over the internet.

    Beginners will welcome being able to buy, use, and trade Ethereum right away. At the same time, experienced users will appreciate being able to alter their maximum gas fees to lower their blockchain costs.

    The MetaMask wallet is ideal for individuals who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies. It is not the greatest choice for those who are just beginning. Because the wallet is subject to malware and social engineering attacks, users who don’t notice the warning signs are in danger of losing their money.