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10 Best Business Movies On Netflix [Updated List]

    Best Business Movies On Netflix - Minimalism

    Best business movies on Netflix are not the ones that inspire you to do the business. But they are the ones who inspire you to live whatever business you are in. If you watch the business movies, you will know your excuses are lame.

    The great people made themselves great by making the right decision. Not only their decisions but their overall attitude, approach, and personality were carved such, by themselves.

    Here are are the 10 best business movies on Netflix that every serious entrepreneur aspirant should watch.

    List of Best Business Movies On Netflix

    Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill Gates

    What would it mean to you if Bill Gates is speaking directly with you? The movie – “Inside Bill’s Brain”, reveals everything about Gates.

    Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill Gates

    Right from his childhood to his massive success, his life journey is covered in three parts. The movie uncovers the mask of Microsoft from Bill’s face.

    Every successful person has a life story that makes him a person he is. In the making of Microsoft, Bill Gates happened to go through many incidences. The movie is all about the life that made him ‘the Bill Gates’.

    Steve Jobs

    Alike Bills, even Steve is very popular for his company Apple. Beyond Apple, Steve is hardly known for his other couple of achievements. The movie is directed to let the world also know about his failures.

    Steve Jobs

    How Jobs did not let his failure take over the life. There are a lot of business inspirations that you will get to watch in this movie.

    There are people who become great despite being so average at certain things. The movie explains how this is not mere luck, but a person’s thought process.

    The Mind: Explained

    Our minds are always a subject to explore. It itself is exploring so many things for us. And at times, it makes us our lives so sorted, and at times complicated too.

    The Mind - Explained

    Hence, this very mind is so interesting that if you start knowing it, you know a dimension of the universe. This Netflix movie is thus one of the best business movies on Netflix to explore your mind on a deeper level.

    Any business needs many aspects of our minds to be used. Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, business demands the usage of mind in various forms.

    Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

    The minimalism is a documentary film that tells how minimalism is a new mod in business. The things in business and of the business, need not be fancy and all expensive. From simple things and in a simple life-style you can set up a great and lavish business.

    Best Business Movies On Netflix - Minimalism

    The documentary film is one such best business movies on Netflix that present the simplicity of a great business. The film will teach you a lot about the way in which business is carried out.

    Pursuit of Happiness

    Every businessman should watch this movie. Rather, this is a must-watch for everyone. The movie is not Netflix original, but if you haven’t watched yet, this would be the movie for you.

    Pursuit of Happiness

    Before watching any business movies on Netflix, do give a watch on the Pursuit of Happiness. As for any business, your attitude and thought process pays vital. The movie is all about keeping the entrepreneurial attitude alive despite all the odds.

    The social network

    The Social Network is a movie on Mark Zuckerberg. The hardships for a young entrepreneur were numerous. Getting success at younger age becomes difficult to handle.

    The social network

    The movie tells you about how to handle your hurdles and how to stay focussed on your ideations. The movie delivers the message of – not giving up on your goals at any cost.

    The wolf of the wall street

    A movie like “the wolf of the wall street” is evergreen business movies. In such movies, you take a lot more than the movie director intended to impart.

    The wolf of the wall street

    You can relate to such movies. And you know what to do, and what to do. There will be movies where you will be inspired by something. And from some others, you will know what not to do.

    This not so Netflix origin movie, but is certainly of great value to all those who are aspiring to be a businessman.

    Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru 

    Tony Robbins is the influencer to all the entrepreneurs. The movie – I am not your Guru is actually an off stage and on stage Robbins’ event anecdotes.

    Tony Robbins - I Am Not Your Guru

    You are going to take away so valuable business ethics and lessons from this one Netflix movie. It is one of the best business movies on Netflix. 


    Broken is a documentary film on business investigation about product demand and supply. The film exposes the business production and manufacturing insights.

    The movie and the investigation are actually broken in four mainstream and in-demand products. After watching this movie, you will be more clear on the business process and the way it is carried out.

    Jiro Dreams of Sushi

    This film is the best for people interested in making up a business in food domain. This movie tells the story of an old man – 85 years old, who is a chef.

    Jiro Dreams of Sushi

    His dishes are irreplaceable and he is still capable of making $300 a plate. The movie is all about how does he do so.

    Bottom Line

    The above-mentioned movies are not only the best business movies on Netflix, but they are simply good to gain life values too.