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How Marketing Agencies Get Clients? [8 Different Ways]

    How Marketing Agencies Get Clients

    To understand how marketing agencies get clients, we need to understand why does marketing agencies exist in the first place. Many businesses after breaking even they try to expand their reach and are capable of investing money in marketing. Marketing agencies solve this problem for those companies by providing them consultancy and services that will eventually help them create newer leads and increase their sales.

    The marketing agencies get clients because they help their clients to get newer clients or customers. So, your business itself is a portfolio. By applying your ways and techniques if you could manage to build something that your clients want you to do for them, then it will help you to get newer clients.

    Even though there are thousands of answers to the question, ‘ how marketing agencies get clients? ‘, there are 8 important ways that will help you navigate your way through this process.

    How marketing agencies get clients?

    1. Storytelling 

    Storytelling is the best way to engage prospects. Good storytelling helps you to build trust with your prospects and it also helps you to ensure their continued interest in your work. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that storytelling is not just about choosing the right words but also about understanding the needs of your prospects and being empathetic through your words.

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    Until and unless you show your prospect that you understand what exactly they require, you won’t be able to grab their absolute attention. Also, you need to be able to showcase your fields of expertise with the help of past case studies and works.

    2. Specialize

    Many people do this mistake of agreeing to do anything that the prospect wants them to do. Do not take responsibilities that you’re not good at or you’re not sure of. Promising prospects just for the sake of making them a client is not a great idea, instead, be transparent about your fields of specialization and deliver with top quality and added value. Your one happy client can bring you more clients and this is mostly how marketing agencies get clients.

    3. Updated portfolio

    Build a portfolio

    As they say, you need to update your resume when according to the requirements of the job you’re applying for. Similarly, you need to keep updating your portfolio from time to time. With the development in technology, the ways and tools for marketing are getting more and more advanced and it is obvious for a prospect to search for the latest and the best. So, to stay competent and effective you will have to keep updating your portfolio.

    4. Expand your reach

    Make investments

    One of the ways to expand your reach is cold calling, but gone are those times when cold calling was the effective way. Today direct cold calling is considered a bit unprofessional. The best way is to email your prospects and try to solve their problems.

    Emails are more sophisticated than cold calls and prospects will get to understand what you’re offering before jumping into the conversations. This saves time for you and the prospect both. Once the mails are exchanged, you can always ask them to connect through phone or face to face meetings for further dealings.

    5. Face to face interactions

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    Many people fail to understand the importance of face to face interactions. It is the best way to build trust and show confidence. Your future client will be expecting you to be effective and competent. There is no better way than a face to face agreement to show that. It may not be possible for you to meet the prospect in person but you can always have meetings though video conferencing apps. Even though face to face interaction is important, it will always come after the mailing part.

    6. Be a problem solver

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    As I said earlier, it is important to understand ‘why companies need marketing agencies in the first place?’ before understanding ‘how marketing agencies get clients?’ and why they need marketing agencies is because they have a need. If you’re appearing as a solution to a problem then it is a hundred percent sure that you will get that client.

    But if you fail to understand the needs of the prospect or if you fail to provide an effective solution, your chance of getting that deal decreases significantly. Everyone wants to work with a problem solver and not just a service provider.

    7. Let the results talk

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     Imagine if you want to hire a certain candidate for a certain role and he/she has given assurances and promises before joining. Turns out that they are not as effective as you expected. You will be disappointed right? The same is with the prospects. If you make promises that may or may not be fulfilled, there is always a risk of misguiding your prospect. Rather, let your results talk. It is always better to be a doer than a talker.

    8. Use modern tools

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    There are many tools that you must be suggesting to your clients for better marketing. Treat yourself as your first client. Utilize those techniques and tools to build a trustworthy brand and not just another marketing agency. Everyone is aware that there are many such marketing agencies available in the market.

    That why you need to give a reason for prospects to choose you, instead of others. When you approach with the proper understanding of the needs of that prospect and then prove to be a problem solver, you create more leads through your work itself.

    One of the tools that may help you enhance the experience is a chatbot. There are many benefits that chatbots provide to your business. To know more about them.

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    You need to be your first client and market yourself effectively. You can showcase your own business as an example of effectiveness. As as I said earlier, Your one happy client can bring you more clients and this is mostly how marketing agencies get clients.