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10 Self-Employment Ideas For Introverts [Expert Advice]

    Best Self-Employment Ideas For Introverts

    Self-employment ideas for introverts have the limits of imagination. Introverts usually perform their best when they are alone. Team play is not their cup of tea. If you are an Introvert, you know how difficult it is to manage people. Being a team manager can only drain your energy.

    As an Introvert, you are born to innovate. 90% of the innovative and creative things are brought up by people who were introverts. If you find the office culture as something which is hampering your creativity, by no means you should continue it.

    There are a lot of ways out. Rather, a lot of ways in. There are many scientific reasons why introverts should actually best in these fields.

    Here are the top 10 self-employment ideas for introverts according to the research.

    List of Self-Employment Ideas For Introverts

    1. Writer

    More than 80-85% of the writers are introvert. Not by an accident, for sure. As these percentages are not only of the decade or so. But, if you go back, tracing 500 years of data, you will find the same stats.

    Introverts have always been a great contributor to society. Out of all the literature that the world has currently, more than 50% is introverted person’s work.

    Even today, if you see a freelance writer or ghostwriter, you will know the person is introverted.

    Want to build a career in freelance writing? Then, you can check our step-by-step guide to start your freelance career.

    2. Graphic Designer

    Introverts are naturally creative. They are keen observers. You know, how observations and creativity together can work wonders. Graphic design is the field that you should go for, you have these skills.

    Graphic designing demands the out of box thinking, with relatability. This comes with the observation and the creative, rather lateral thinking process. Introverts have it all naturally.

    3. Animator

    Animation again requires keen observation. With this keen observation ability, introverts could actually gain a lot more. They are deep thinkers. So animation is the best suitable task for you as an introvert.

    In animation, there are things like – facial expression, color combination, and a story scenario. All these come with the quality that introverts possess. The animation is one of the best self-employment ideas for introverts.

    Animation also has various variants like illustrations, comic creation, doodle making, and so on. This will combine with the graphic designing part, a bit.

    4. Voice-over Artist

    I don’t know how, but book and coffee is the world to every introvert, that I have ever met. I am an introvert, but a tea lover. Anyways, so the point here was – Voice-over Artist. As you love books. Reading out one will always be an excitement for you.

    Voice-over artist for reading a book aloud for reading your script aloud, over being a podcaster. All these are great self-employment ideas for introverts.

    5. Social Media Consultant

    Though introverts are not liking, commenting, sharing, or posting anything on social media, that does not mean they are nuance at it.

    You know it, right? It will be very unfair to call it stalking. Let us call it an observation of virtual human behavior.

    So whatever, you as an introvert, are great at pursuing this social media consultant as a profession. You know what your range of demographics will behave and thus can create an excellent social media strategy for any service.

    6. Proofreader

    An avid reader is what you like to introduce yourself as, being an introverted person. You are already qualified to be the best proofreader. You get to do what you like. And you get paid for it. Can life be any better for you?

    Life of proofreader is one of the best self-employment ideas for introvert, to spend their whole life in. Proof-reading has many opportunities in the market. There are several book publications, press releases, freelance proofreading, and editing opportunities are immense. 

    7. Virtual Assistant

    When you know you are great at fixing things, but at all good at meeting in person. The Internet is the greatest boon that happened to you. Now you can go for virtual assisting profession. You can assist people, not being in person. 

    Virtual assistance jobs are well paying. And there are several opportunities in this forte as well. With a lot many emerging startups that offer such services, you can get your profession set.

    8. Website Developer

    Custome, unique, smooth, and cool Website development is the most demanded job right now. If you are a techie introvert, opportunities like this are all for you. Self-employment is the best way you can make your talent work for you.

    By choosing to go for a job, you are only limiting your creative and innovative approach. Website development is both – in demand and the necessity of the future.

    Choosing website development as a self-employment option for you will pay you decent. There is a competition in this domain, but the uniqueness knows no competition.

    9. Transcriptionist

    Transcription is converting text to speech, speech to text, and even converting the format of the content. Like, from image to text and video to text, and so on.

    The Internet already has loads of data available. Many of them are willing to change the format for user accessibility ease. As a transcriptionist, you have tons of opportunities waiting for you, already.

    10. Photographer

    A lot many introverts can spend their time seating by nature. Just seeing the sight and doing nothing. There is hardly a concept of getting bored, to introverts. 

    For an introvert who likes to spend time in nature, photography is the option.

    Bottom Line

    The self-employment ideas for introvert will go on. There is no limit to creativity, and depth. And thus for the ideas.