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5 Shocking Negative Impact Of Technology On Business

    Negative Impact Of Technology On Business

    The negative impact of technology on business is so much that we are overlooking them under the name of progression. It is a time for introspection and human audit. Are humans in the business really becoming any smarter?

    The definition of smartness in itself is a major and neglected negative impact of technology. There are many such impacts that are negative but are positively garnished in the digital era.

    Negative impact of technology on business

    There are actually severe impacts of technology that we are overlooking or becoming blind to, with our eyes merged into the lights of screens. Too much light makes us blind. The best example could not be any better than advanced technology.

    Curiosity and Eagerness has drastically dropped

    There exists no urge for knowledge. With the information technology at hand, we think we are knowledgeable already. But the negative impact of technology on business is that “we think”.

    We only think we have information and lead to the end of curiosity. Once we start thinking that we know this, we can never explore it in the way it needs to be. Excellence never comes with – “I know”, it comes with – “I still do not know”.

    Human Smartness is actually declining

    If we see our hands each time we listen right and left, are we really co-operating the evolutionary process?

    How many times do we depend on a calculator when it is actually a 5th-grade problem? How many times do we know the nutrition value of the food that we are ordering from Swiggy? Is this smart enough for a human being?

    Memorizing capacity is descending 

    Memories are better vanished off for the spiritual path. If you are doing it exactly the opposite without knowing it, you have already been majorly impacted.

    Do you remember what’s your parent’s number? If you do, you might still be opening your calendar even to see the day next today after.

    Where’s all that memory that you had when you were 10 years old?

    Human Interaction is lowered

    “Textrovert” is a new invention for people who are afraid or shy speaking in person. Speaking in person is becoming a great shyness. I am afraid, it will become a common phobia in the forthcoming years.

    How many times do you avoid receiving the phones and prefer texting them back? Isn’t this a sign?

    Usage of common sense is replaced with search engine

    How many times do you open your search engine to check how many centimeters becomes an inch?

    Hereafter, do keep a track of how many times do you search something over Google that is actually common sense.

    Unwritten rules are the best example. These are common sense, and therefore unwritten. How many times do we search them, and the situations faced aftermath because of a lack of common sense?


    Major mental and physical problems arising these days, and the ones that are in pipeline to arise, are the impacts. The major negative impact of technology on business and priorly on mankind.