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9 Best Marketing Strategies For Agricultural Products

    Best Marketing Strategies For Agricultural Products

    Marketing strategies for agricultural products are slightly different from the other tech-savvy products. The core difference between marketing strategies is their respective audiences. For agricultural products, the demographics are such that their thinking pattern is alike.

    However, your potential audience of the agricultural products will be far different from the potential techie audience. The geographic area, the thinking nature, and the most important factor – need will all differ on a drastic level.

    Here are a few Marketing Strategies for Agricultural Products:

    1. Network with Farmers

    Farming is our main occupation and it is seen retaining. Although people from rural areas are seen migrating in the search for jobs. Nonetheless, about 50% of them are seen to be getting back to agriculture. 

    Farmers are also getting technology-friendly and are implementing the needful. Hence, do get in touch with the farmer’s community. Know which platform are they spending their large time on. 

    Even if it is print media, be available where your audiences are. In case, your audiences are preferring their respective regional languages, take a mile extra to connect with them. 

    2. Build Connections with Agriculture officers

    Know who influences your audiences. Agriculture officers are the ones whose words are never taken for granted. Hence, if your product is endorsed by Agricultural officers, it will be automatically valued more.

    To promote your product, there won’t be any better way than having connections with Agriculture officers. So try to be in the groups of Agriculture officers. There are various Facebook and WhatsApp groups these days. 

    Even there are various farmers’ groups on various platforms. You can connect with them via groups. Building relations and trust start from here.

    3. Form your Agricultural Community

    You can offer them something valuable just at a cost of joining you in some group. Or email subscription if that works. Actually, every farmer, these days, is using a smartphone. So you can always ask them for email id.

    Chances are thick that, even if they don’t know to open up the email, their children or young generations will know for sure. And, when you are proving a piece of valuable information, they will find a way out.

    The thing here is not to make them technology literal only, but to provide them something valuable about agriculture. And thus, you will be having a community that trusts you. 

    4. Collab with Government Authorities

    There are various Government schemes for farmers. You can collab with government authorities to promote your product. The hard thing about collaborating with government authorities is getting in touch with them.

    Hence, the network works for you when you are already connected with people. Maybe you will get a connection who has a connection with Government body members. If you already have a connection with Government Authority you don’t need any other major marketing. And probably you won’t have been here.

    So, connect with people and use their network too. This cannot happen in a day. And marketing is not a process of a day.

    5. Participate in Agriculture Exhibitions

    Be always in front of your audiences. In an agriculture exhibition, it is very much obvious that agriculture enthusiastic people will come and attend. And that’s where you will get a large set of warm audience.

    You can giveaway a thing a two. Or can ask them to join you in sort of group of subscriptions. Let this offering and invitation be totally free of cost. You will get a database. And for marketing, the database is what you should aim for, as a first step.

    6. Know your Audience

    By knowing your audience, I mean, know their psychology, their capability, and their need for an hour. By knowing their needs and demands, marketing strategy gets on the track automatically and naturally.

    Your target and potential audience’s research will lead to lay out the marketing strategies for agricultural products. Knowing your audience thoroughly will make you innovate your product and service delivery as well.

    Your marketing does not start at campaigning, it starts with building relations. Campaigning and promotion will just let them know, you have the capability of delivering them the thing they are seeking.

    7. Reach out the right Community

    So, your product, if generalized, should reach out to the entire or at least maximum possible members of the community. If it is meant for some special or specific category, like – urban farmers, rural farmers, agroforestry farmers, or hydroponics farmers. In such case, you should target your community selectively.

    Targeting your audience plays a vital role in marketing. Rather, it is the most fundamental and foundational step.

    8. Set your Price right

    As you know your audiences and their needs, you must also know the worth of your product. Give them a lot of value in a very much reasonable price. Many people, try to get their marketing expenditures back from their prospects in a very first deal.

    Whenever you are launching, know that you are going to make a profit, but give some time to make a business. If you are aiming to make a sole profit, go with the fixed price module. 

    If you are aiming to build a business or brand as such, go with the packages, subscription module. Here, your profit will come last. Your business by growing trust and name will come first. 

    It does not mean that you will have to work as a charity module or in the loss. It simply means you will have to value your customers more than mere profit. 

    9. Implement the Funnel Marketing System

    As far as your marketing strategies for agricultural products are concerned, no other marketing module has this power. If you really wish to go long, go with the funnel marketing system.

    It is this marketing system that has businesses turn into successful brands.

    Bottom Line

    All the mentioned Marketing strategies for agricultural products are just put up without knowing your actual product. Or the purpose behind launching the product. However, these marketing techniques do work best if implemented properly.