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How Stock Brokers Make Money? [Everything We Know]

    How Stock Brokers Make Money

    How stock brokers make money? In recent times, people have started investing highly in the stock market. However, though it is subjected to financial risks people are choosing to take the same.

    The stock market is nothing but a place where people buy and sell their investments. However, to give correct directions to people many stockbrokers are working in this field. They give different ideas and strategies about specific stocks or the overall stock market. However, these stockbrokers make money from it.

    Stockbrokers usually make money through the commission. However, they charge this commission to their clients on each trade. In India, a broker with average experience can earn up to Rs.6 Lakhs per annum. However, for the beginner, it is around Rs. 3 Lakhs. Here are a few ways by which stockbrokers make money.

    Brokers sometimes get bonuses and some other perks depending upon their experience in this field.

    most common ways How stock brokers make money

    Below are some ways that help stockbrokers to earn money.

    1. Broker Fees

    It is the most common way of making money for any stockbroker. We all know that advice in the stock market is costly. That’s why brokers ask you for these fees. They provide various advice related to specific stocks or the whole stock market. However, for the same advice only they ask for fees. These stockbrokers carry out all the research as well as strategies.

    However, after the confirmation only they ask you to enter in the same stock. Furthermore, it gives you a handy return. However, Stockbroker only asks you for this commission.

    2. Referral Bonuses

    Sometimes stock broker companies ask their customers to buy a particular stock. However, to complete the same company gives some referral bonus to stockbrokers. It is because these stockbrokers can bring new customers which will be also beneficial for the company. However, by using referrals while logging in, the company gets a bonus which results in a good profit for the company itself.

    3. Commissions

    It is the most prime source for many stockbrokers to make money. They charge some amount to customers for the trading of shares. However, it all depends upon the experience of the stockbroker. A well-experienced stockbroker gives you some gold suggestions. However, he will ask for a higher commission. This commission is nothing but a percentage for each trade. But this percentage depends upon the income of the broker.

    Final Words

    Stockbrokers can earn in crores depending upon the experience. Because the more good advice will result in higher profits for customers. However, stockbrokers charge commission on the same profit. This is how stock brokers make money.