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How To Create Slideshow Video? [Your Ultimate Guide]

    Create Slideshow Video

    Great memories no longer make their way into photo galleries. That’s now traditional! Physical photo and video albums are no longer all the rage these days – that’s antiquated technology. Modern technology has made it very easy for people to view all their images and visuals without flipping pages and scrolling through galleries.

    Methods To Create Slideshow Video

    Slideshow videos are all over the internet these days, but do you know how to create them, so that they catch your viewers’ attention?

    You need to know what a slideshow video is before creating one. A slideshow video is looping through a selection of visuals so that the audience can view them. Slideshow videos are perfect for personal use, but businesses are presently using them on a very wide scale to promote their products and services.

    Let’s jump in and find out how to make slideshow videos that grab attention and catapult your business right to the top of the search results.

    1. Choose the Right Theme

    Going for the most relevant theme for your video slideshow will help you represent everything you want to convey to the audience. The theme of your slideshow video will present your business objective.

    2. Go by a Script

    Before building on the right theme, you must have a proper script ready for your slideshow video.

    The script will help you structure the video into various parts while deducing the video editing procedure. It’ll also help you decide on the series of photos you must use in the slideshow video.

    Further, the script will help you choose an image to introduce the video slideshow and another for ending the slideshow.

    For instance, if you’re creating an employee interview video, instead of placing complete interviews one after the other, splitting each employee interview and sequencing it according to the questions asked can help make the slideshow video more attractive, digestible, and enjoyable.

    This is something you can achieve only through a good script. Go through the script thoroughly, figure out the length of the slideshow video, and eventually cut off a few shots to keep things crisp and nice.

    3. Select the Right Video Clips and Images

    Next in line are the images and video clips. Don’t sit back and assume that slideshow videos are made only with images. This isn’t true. You even have the option of adding visuals if you like. Not just this, you can even add slow-mo videos, boomerangs, GIFs, and show visuals to make the slideshow eye-catching.

    Suppose you want to make an employee recruitment slideshow video or an event recap visual. In that case, you can include professional images and short videos showing the employees working together amicably or the speakers performing on stage.

    For the employee recruitment slideshow video, you can even add fun videos of your work environment to give an in-depth look into what it’s like working at your organization. Regardless of whether you add videos, images, or both, ensure they’re of the highest quality.

    The videos and images you use in your slideshow video should clearly represent your theme. Ensure that you avoid using low-resolution and blurry videos.

    4. Consider the Layout of the Slideshow Video

    The layout of your slideshow video is very important, and it’s one of the most difficult design ideas to master. For those who do not have significant experience in this field, it will be good to use a slideshow maker. These tools have templates that can help users create the perfect slideshow video.

    5. Use Transitions for Avoiding Rough Cuts between the Slides

    One rough cut between two slides can completely disturb the flow of the slideshow video. Nevertheless, it’s easy to fix this problem by smoothly transitioning from one slide to another.

    Slideshow creation tools come with several customizable transitions that users can add to their timelines simply by dropping them at the point on their timeline where two sides meet. Avoid using the same transition in all the cuts in the slideshow, as this can make the video seem repetitive.

    Choose transitions to apply between slides based on how they fit the footage. You can even set the default duration for the transitions you’re adding to the slideshow video or choose the most preferred mode of transition.

    While you’re doing all this, keep in mind that you can customize the duration of the transitions you’re using in your slideshow. You can do this from the timeline directly simply by dragging the end portions of the transitions.

    6. Add Branding to the Slideshow Video

    Without branding, your slideshow video won’t reap the results you intend to receive. After all, what good is your slideshow video if it doesn’t present your brand in a very clear way? This also goes for businesses using slideshow makers with stock images.

    Even if you’re making use of stock images, ensure that there’s branding involved. Edit text, feature your logo and add special effects, graphics, and various other elements in a way that matches the feel and the look of your brand. Similarly, you must also ensure that you’re using vibrant colors to represent your brand in your slideshow video.

    7. Apply Overlays and Filters for Enhancing the Colors in the Slideshow

    If you’re using a slideshow-making tool online, you’ll find a complete range of video elements, effects, and filters that will de-saturate the colors in your visuals, making them more vivid.

    The overlay and filter categories also contain visual effects. All you need to do is apply filters or image overlays to videos or photos and place them directly above the video footage.

    8. Sound Editing is a Must

    Last but not least, add music to your slideshow video. Don’t forget to include music that matches the vibe and the feel of your slideshow video. Remember, slideshow videos with music are one of the best ways to catch users’ attention.

    Try embracing diversity by adding subtitles to your slideshow video. This way, your brand message will reach even individuals with hearing issues.

    Final Words

    Slideshow videos are one fun way of sharing memories, and slideshow makers can help you create them, albeit with a bit of a difficult but useful learning curve. It’s always good to create slideshow videos with proper branding, so they’re attractive even to new customers who don’t know anything about your brand.