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10 Best Stock Market Movies On Netflix [Updated List]

    Best Stock Market Movies On Netflix

    Here are the best stock market movies on Netflix that everyone must watch. The ones who are investing in the stock market and the ones who are not. These movies have content that will teach you many things.

    After watching these stock market movies on Netflix, you will absolutely have your perspective modified.

    List Of Best Stock Market Movies on Netflix

    Let’s hop on to the listicle of the best stock market movies:

    1. Too Big to Fail

    The movie is must watch and is number one on our list, to understand how the system and market work. The entire system and the market is a big player is something different. And the same system and market are different from the common man’s specs. This movie is all about how the system is formed and how the market is formed. Who controls it and how?

    There’s so much to the stock market that the more you learn, the more you will feel you have known nothing. The picture has portrayed things very nicely and the movie is indeed inspired by some real incidents.

    2. Betting on Zero

    Betting on Zero is an eye-opening movie for the common people who are encountered by so-called companies to work promote their products. The movie shows how this pyramid model is just another to-be-aware thing. Also, the movie will teach you how to know if the business is real or bullshit.

    There are many such companies that are still digging holes in the wallet of poor and innocent people. The movie is worth the watch to analyze which company will go in the long run and which company is born to collapse. After all, it all lies in ethics.

    3. The big short

    This film amazingly brings into the picture the concept of ripple effect in the stock market. When it to the stock market, no one factor is directly responsible for the market effect.

    The movie portrays how three different people who are not knowing each other are making the decisions. And their decisions hit the market in long run. And nobody actually sees it coming.

    4. Money for nothing

    This movie is something out of the box. You wouldn’t know what you will spend money on unless you have money. Now you might be thinking that whatever you have and whatever you earn is just enough for you.

    However, if you get more money, you will have more ways opened up to you before you know. You might have never thought about how you could spend money if you have them. A movie that would make you introspect.

    5. Freakonomics

    A movie that explains how human behavior is affected or disrupted with respect to the economy. This movie is indeed a thorough study that showcases how the economy and finance matter to a human.

    It is a study altogether that discusses how intensely human behavior is altered when the economy is concerned. Is it even normal?

    6. Margin Call

    The name – “margin call” for a reason. And the reason is – the market analysis company finds out something very significant behind the downfall of the market. The significant margin was traced with a call record. Hence, the name! It is a suspense movie and great to watch.

    7. Money Monster

    We all know how money monsters are around the world ruining our lives. And in some manner, we ourselves are the money monsters. However, this film is a thrill to watch. It is definitely a one-time watch movie for everyone.

    8. Gafla

    The film is all about Harshad Mehta who fell prey to the Rs. 400 crore spam. It is very inspiring to see a middle-class man like Harshad Mehta shaking the marketing. He took advantage of the system’s loophole and made himself in the creamy level.

    9. Wall Street

    Wall Street is a nicely scripted movie that portrays the financial crisis and at the same time, the star actor tries to fix his relationship issues. The movie nicely presents how relationships and family are equally important. Rather even more important than merely earning money. And it is basically about this balance and dilemma.

    10. The Wolf of Wall Street

    This had to be number one. But, already many have watched only this movie when it comes to watching stock market movies. Rather, people would just remember this one movie when they hear stock market movies. No doubt it was played well. But, the message it conveys is even greater.

    The movie imparts a lesson – study, invest, keep learning, know resources and invest again wisely. It also teaches, not to be in a hurry or vague while investing. It gives some value and showcases the reality of the stock market.

    Bottom Line

    Thus the list of best stock marketing on Netflix that everyone must watch. As we all know – wall street is a place where lives are made and broken every day. Even today.

    Watching this movie will certainly give you a glimpse of life on wall street. These days, with online portals, investing process has become hectic-free. But the feel and vibes are still the same.

    Do comment below your favorite stock market-themed Netflix film to watch. Also, do comment on your learnings from these movies.