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10 Best Clubhouse Rooms To Follow [Updated List]

    Best Clubhouse Rooms To Follow

    Here’s the list of the best Clubhouse rooms to follow for the peeps who are new to this platform.

    Ever since the internet has introduced social media, its usage has boomed to the next level. Earlier were the days when simple text used to amuse us all. These days, after text, images, and videos, audio social media platform is in trend.

    List Of best clubhouse rooms to follow for new joiners

    Depending on your interest, the different types of Clubhouse rooms will interest you. Still, we have picked up the most common and highly rated clubs for beginners.

    1. The Crafter Party

    The first thing that comes to mind when we log in to anything new is trying to find something exciting. Whether you are a craft lover or not, you will love the creativity talk, for sure. This Crafter Party is all about the DIY things that you will love.

    Craft is not only restricted to female audiences or homemakers. Here, the host of the room – AV Perkins, talks about craft in every aspect of daily life. This also brings aesthetics in an organized manner to every part of your work and living space.

    The host is also on Instagram at @avdoeswhat

    2. The Skinthusiast

    And who doesn’t like to talk about healthy skin? Even though when you have completely flawless skin, you still want to know how they retain the same.

    The best thing about this club is, it not only discusses skin products but also discusses their marketing side.

    The club has its time scheduled for the talks. So plan accordingly and stay in.

    3. Startup Club

    Even if you are not into startups or are not looking to start anything up, this club is very interesting. It has new ideas and innovation talks.

    You can choose not to participate in any talks. The room will get you thinking.

    If you are a startup enthusiast, you are simply going to love this club.

    4. Marketers Quest

    Marketing is about leveraging your overall personality. It is about thinking, and narrating in a particular way.

    For all the marketing people, irrespective of the niche, this club is the best. But apart from marketers, this club has a lot to impart to non-marketing people too.

    5. Meditation Room on Clubhouse

    If you are looking for your new buddies, this club is going to be your online accompanying group.

    You will get your guided meditation sessions here. The club has its timeline and you need to join accordingly.

    The interesting thing about this club is that you get to share your experience as well.

    6. The Mindful Creative

    For everyone who wants to access creativity, joyfulness, peace, and zest. This club will make you all excited to chase a life in a new sense.

    The club will make you enhance the life experience and will change your perspective as well. You will be left with more creativity and efficiency in everything at your hand.

    7. Solo Travel

    Solo Travel makes you a new person altogether. It imparts you so much more than you could ever think of.

    If you are planning to have a solo trip, this club will help you along. Otherwise, simply listening to others’ solo trip anecdotes will make you smarter too.

    8. Future of Work

    Future is amongst such topics that never get old fashioned. Though, the uncertainty persists, future talks will persist too.

    When it, especially, comes to the future of work, you will have the same curiosity as a veteran as any other amateur. However you may be, you will love to learn more about the future scope of the work and might get ready for the same.

    The host and speakers here are all experts in their respective fields.

    9. Freelancers clubs

    As the name goes, it is all about freelancers and freelancing works. You can hire or outsource your work from this club.

    You can also learn about new opportunities to work from home, from this club.

    10. The 10X Club

    The club is about one of the bestselling books – “The 10X Rule”. You will learn and discuss developing your personality and mindset to attract abundance.

    It is one of the best clubs for aspiring business persons. However, it has so much value for anyone who joins in.

    Other clubs

    As Freelancers clubs, you can simply search for readers clubs, writers clubs, or any other club that comes to your mind. You will definitely end up finding the Clubhouse room of your interest. 

    Bottom Line

    Thus the list of best Clubhouse rooms to follow for everyone who joins the Clubhouse for the first time. Let us know in the comments below if you know some very interesting clubs that beginners should check out.