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How To Become A Freelance Resume Writer? [Guide]

    How To Become A Freelance Resume Writer

    Become a freelance resume writer by writing resumes that outstands the paper pile, or email stacks. HR literally does not bother to check your email unless its subject line makes him do so.

    When you are applying for a job, may it solicit or u-solicited, your subject line is all that matters. Hence, do consider your resume as a copywriting project. Here are some working tips on how to become a freelance resume writer.

    Steps To Become A Freelance Resume Writer

    Write yourself a resume that sells

    To become a freelance resume writer, it is very much obvious that you yourself should have a capable resume. The thing about many successful resume writers today is, they were appreciated for their own resume by their friends and colleagues.

    If you are aspiring to be a freelance resume writer, the first thing you need to work upon is your own resume. Create many resumes yourself and see do A/B testing for your resumes.

    You will know for yourself which one works and why. If your resume appears to work once, experiment with it a couple of times more.

    Register on various freelancing websites

    Register yourself on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. If someone from the higher position is looking for a freelance resume writer, the person is surely going to search you on freelancing websites.

    Have your profile updated on the freelancing portals. Stay active over there and keep responding to the inquiry that pops. By bidding to every proposal, you will have at least a handful of resume writing projects.

    Create your own portfolio website

    Create your own resume portfolio. A portfolio that is in fact your resume of resumes. There are you can show your own resume in different formats and styles.

    You can add your comments and description for the variety of resumes that you have. This way, visitors will know what kind of resume are they looking for.

    Or you can even consult them personally based on their profession and status.

    Approach through LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the greatest professional networking site. Hence, you can always consider to build up your resume over LinkedIn as your profile. The way you fill your profile on LinkedIn will describe your resume writing skills.

    Start to understand the difficulties of the freshers. Note the most common scenarios amongst them all. And approach freshers to make their resumes. 

    Make them a resume and ask them to give feedback.

    Promote yourself on social media

    Your target audience is present all around. Your demographics are focused. Hence, choose a social media platform where people between 21 to 50 years old are spending their time.

    Promote yourself on various social media. Over social media, do create your own page. Keep posting over there frequently.

    Let the people know what kind of things you are up to. And what do resume writing services provide exactly? To become a freelance resume writer, you need to be socially active. Leads can come from literally anywhere.

    Write hundreds of resumes for free, literally!

    When offering the freshers your resume writing service, ask them to write a feedback for you. An honest feedback and nothing else.

    This way, you get the real reviews. You get to know what all things work in the market. You also get to know which domain works in what manner, with respect to resume.

    So actually, you are giving them a free service. You are getting so much in return. And apart from this, you are getting your portfolio built up.

    Play with resume templates

    Create various resume templates. When you are just starting to become a resume writer you need to be prepared already.

    Have the set of resume templates ready with you. With some genuine analysis and stats, present them to your leads.

    Templates will make people think over your service. And templates will convey more than your Ad or campaign ever will.

    Get feedback for each resume that you have written

    Get feedback from your prospects for your resume. Ask them certain questions or better – create a form wherein you will be getting your feedback.

    With this information, you can improvise in the areas where you are lagging. And you can mark your USPs for a few of your good working points.

    With the forms, you can also have a list of authenticated reviews. You can showcase these reviews on your resume portfolio.

    Develop your case study

    With the feedbacks, you are good to have your own case studies. To further approach new clients, or if you get a new gig, these case studies will have vital role play.

    Build your niche-wise samples and have their respective case-studies in a statistical manner.

    Bottom Line

    You have to write thousands of resumes. And have to design hundreds of unique templates. The above-mentioned ways are some of the 100% working ways to become a freelance resume writer.