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How To Prepare Resume For Internship In Hospital?

    Resume For Internship In Hospital

    The resume for internship in hospital has to be pretty straight forward. If you are a last year medical student, an internship is very crucial for your career. To get an internship approval, your application plays vital.

    Here are a few pointers that will make your resume stand out from the crowd:

    Steps to prepare resume for internship in Hospital

    1. Make separate copies for online and offline submission

    Most of the time, you need to submit your resume both online and offline. While the first round of resume application is mostly online, these days. 

    For the offline resume, have a scannable code. While for an online one, have a clickable link.

    2. Have scannable QR code

    In this digital age, you will be submitting your resume online mostly. However, when you have to submit your resume offline, do consider having QR codes for validation purposes.

    For example, if you have your project report online, you can put that just a scannable code away.

    3. Insert the clickable links wherever applicable

    Give links to all your certificates, previous works, achievements and publications.

    By giving the respective links you are just giving them a validated source for your credits. This will make your resume more trustworthy and thus more considerable.

    4. Keep it simple and clear

    Keep your resume neat and clean. Put everything that you want your recruiter to know in a very systematic manner. 

    Have proper sections. Mention your recent activities on the top. Don’t overwhelm your achievements and about yourself. Keep it minimal. Mention what all is necessary. The things that are not necessary can be listed at the bottom. 

    5. Highlight your application designation 

    The position or designation that you would like to apply for should be included at the top. And with a very clear title. 

    Even before your personal details, highlight your job designation that you wish to apply for. Mention in one line that would make you suitable for that position. 

    6. Showcase your face 

    Have some professional, formal photograph of yours on the resume. Face value plays the vital role in your resume. 

    Recruiters already have in their mind, about the personality and body language that the particular intern might be requiring. Hence, your photograph will give your resume the face. 

    7. Write a practical objective 

    Resume for internship in hospital requires a practical objective. Do not just copy paste the objectives. Recruiters already have seen many resumes before you. They have already read the objective that you are going to paste. 

    Write something which is very yours. Also, have a practical objective. For example, “developing my skills and benefiting the organization and nation” is a very generalized objective. So, write something that you really want to get from the intern. And write something that you could do for the organization, if you got the internship. 

    This will make your resume stand out.

    8. Mention your skills with some case studies

    As discussed before, you have to keep your resume neat and clean. While you mention your skills, make sure you have a pop down arrow to elaborate it. 

    If you are submitting the offline resume, make usage of smaller fonts. Highlight the skills, while keeping your case studies in smaller and lighter fonts. 

    9. Highlight your achievements with a valid source

    Mention your degree, specialization, intermediate level grades, secondary and primary level grades. 

    If possible attach the certificates and marksheets with valid links. If you are doing it offline, have it in a QR code. Also, do have all your documents in one QR itself, including your contact details. 

    10. Mention your work experience with your personal contribution

    In case, you have done any project or internship earlier, mention that with your personal role in it. Explain your role and tell how you helped the project to be better. 

    Do not extend this description beyond 2-2.5 lines. 

    11. Include your goal 

    Write your future goal and explain why this internship is important for you. While describing the importance of internship for you, do mention why you are important for the respective organization. 

    12. Give them a reason to hire you

    Give them 2-3 reasons, may be your strengths or weaknesses, and tell them why you are a good fit for them. 

    Conclude with a call to action – your personal details with scannable and clickable links.

    Bottom Line

    Resume for internship in hospital needs to be simple, to the point and convertive enough. There are thousands of others like you. You need to stand out with minute details that are simple yet effective.