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How Employee Engagement Is Measured? [7 Parameters]

    How Employee Engagement Is Measured

    Employee engagement measurement is a very vital survey that every business with a team goal would require to take. Your company will excel along with your employees. If your employees are happy and satisfied, they will make your company go long. 

    The article discusses some very effective parameters that will make you measure the employee’s engagement genuinely. These measurements will make you project your company’s future as well. Here’s how employee engagement is measured:

    7 Employee engagement parameters to consider

    Mentioned below are the parameters with which you can measure your employee engagement. You can decide if the current employees are really an asset for you or a liability.

    Employee’s Satisfaction

    If an employee is fully satisfied, they will willingly do a lot for your company. They indeed start considering the company as their own. This is where the progress of the company as a team starts seeding in.

    The first step of the employee engagement measurement should be their ease, their comfort, their desire to work with you, their interest in the designation that they are serving you. If all these things are met more than their expectations, they will give it back to you more than your expectations. 

    Employee’s Performance Stats

    If an employee’s performance is in ascending order, no matter what, you must take the employee under consideration. Otherwise, the employee’s engagement is clearly declining and you must know the reason behind it. 

    Now, it depends on various factors that what exactly is the worth of that employee to you? If the employee is replaceable, you obviously don’t have to think about investigating your time and resources in knowing what is lowering his performance. 

    However, if the employee is very crucial for your company’s well being and you really know his worth, you definitely have to investigate and know the reason that is causing his engagement and dedication to lower. 

    Employee’s Annual Progress

    Not all the days of the year are the same. Sometimes, the employees might not be at their best to give the company the best. Hence, the annual progress or annual report of an employee will tell you a lot many things about his engagement.

    For instance, if he is coming on time most of the time, then he could be considered punctual and sincere. Engagement is about dedication and willingness to work for your company. If the employee is showing that level of dedication, he is at least willing to engage with the company affairs actively.

    Analyze how your employees excel in work

    Know when your employee is actually excelling in his/her work. 


    Some employees might perform great when they are in a team. Knowing the employee’s strength can yield engagement naturally. 

    Individual Projects

    When your employee is performing great as an individual, let the employee continue on the individual level project first. Later on, putting them on the role that they are not excited about could be initiated by discussing the mutual goals and benefits.


    Team leaders should actually be enthusiastic and volunteer leaders. Only then will they lead the team perfectly. 


    If your employee communicating excellently, he is definitely an asset for you. Value the asset and give the employee his deservedly worth. 

    Career progression

    If an employee is with your company for seeking experience, enrich them with that. 

    Take continuous feedback from employees

    Encourage your employees to rate your company. Honest feedback from the employees is also a sign of engaging employees. 

    Measure employee engagement across the organizations in the same niche

    Compare your rate of employee engagement with the companies that are either your rivals or allies.

    Measure the employee engagement Vertically and Horizontally 

    Consider both employees’ approach and companies’ approach, while analyzing employee engagement. Also, consider it across the demographics.

    Bottom Line

    How employee engagement is measured, is a very broad question. You will need to work on tools and techniques to actually extract the genuine data. However, the above-mentioned points are some very basic level techniques that you should implement.