10 Top Freelance Websites For Beginners [Selected]

Top Freelance Websites For Beginners

Top freelance websites for beginners who wish to start readily with their career. Freelancing is an agreement job in which a person uses his or her talents and experience to give services to a variety of clients rather than being hired by an organization.

In simple terms, freelancing is when you use your potential, knowledge, and experience to work with a number of clients and take on a variety of jobs without being tied to a single company.

Advancement in technology is a major factor in making freelancing the future of work. To start, there are various difficulties and task that has to be completed. Therefore it paves way for a whole opportunity for a large number of workers and skills.

List of Top Freelance Websites For Beginners Recommended By Veteran Freelancers

Below are the top freelance websites for beginners.

1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack, along with other apps, allows freelancer workers and businesses to connect with one another quickly and easily. Their website is put up to assist you to get the job whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, or a landscaper.

Thumbtack differentiates itself by emphasizing local places and small companies. It’s also absolutely free to join for freelancers, and they provide refunds and insurance in the event that a work isn’t a suitable fit.


  • This site and app are very easy to operate.
  • Performance statistics and insights to help you understand your competition.
  • Using preferences to help you locate the ideal clients.

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2. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one of the best top freelance websites for beginners online job boards for both remote and freelance work. They presently have over 30,000 work opportunities in more than 50 categories.

There are some ways that Flexjobs finds out when it comes to good and productive freelance sites. Perhaps most importantly, they place a high value on job validity. They’re known for hand-screening every job and company to ensure that freelancers are working in a safe environment.

They also feature a great search option that is highly customized and can save you a lot of precious time. You can cut down your job search to positions that meet your particular work preferences rather than browsing with no aim through unwanted jobs.

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Toptal is a freelance marketplace that claims to be able to link clients with freelancers all around the world. They also adopt a simple approach, assigning clients to freelancers from five main categories: developers, designers, finance specialists, project managers, and product managers.

Another salient feature that marks this website apart from other freelancing services is that they don’t charge any fees from freelancers’ revenue.

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4. Freelancer Writing

Freelance Writing takes information from all over the internet to give real-time access to freelancing opportunities. This one of the top freelance websites for beginners provides a resource for freelance writers, whether you’re a writer, blogger, journalist, or any writing-related professional, as the name implies.

This is a good way for freelance writers to save their time while searching for work. There is no need to register or pay to view the listings.

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This top freelance website for beginners claims to be the world’s largest remote job marketplace. Though the platform is mostly focused on remote work. It also features a contract job section where freelancers can browse a wide range of opportunities with top organizations.

Their useful search option is much more effective than many other job boards, allowing you to handle, identify and filter down the top freelance jobs online. It’s also free to take a look around and apply for any jobs that interest you.

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This website is among the top freelance websites for beginners. Guru has a unique feature that allows you to collaborate and add people to your freelance team while keeping track of their work.

Their free membership permits you to make ten bids every month, with a 9% service fee deducted from your winnings. However, free members are prohibited from discussing jobs in advance with clients.

Paid members can actually get ahead of the competition by boosting their ratings and making their quotes stand out to clients.

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Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that links businesses with freelancers in a variety of industries, including graphic design and marketing. They’re also one of the more competitive marketplaces due to their tremendous popularity.

With additional competition, you’ll be under more pressure to cut your costs, which can make charging the rates you desire difficult. However, once you get started and gain positive feedback, the platform will boost you and clients will continue to come to you.

  • Software and website are easy to use for beginners.
  • Pricing and packaging services are simple.

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8. Behance

Behance is an Adobe-owned creative social networking platform and one of the top freelance websites for beginners with a rich job board for areas such as logo design, photography, illustration, and more. The social feature of the platform may also be advantageous to freelancers.

It promotes networking and helps you to construct connections that could lead to more job opportunities. It’s also a great place to host and share your portfolio with tens of millions of users. You can effortlessly scroll through hundreds of potential positions on their job board.

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This top freelance website for beginners is a graphic design marketplace that links freelancers with clients all over the world in over 90 design categories. On 99designs, there are two ways to increase the market: freelancers can work directly with clients on a project where they interact directly and get paid.

Alternatively, you may enter contests against other designers to earn money and new business. One of the benefits of 99designs is that it allows long-term agreement between freelancers and designers.


  • Limited offers are prevented by the pricing structure.
  • Collaboration skills
  • Payment time is low

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With more than three million jobs posted yearly, Upwork is the largest freelancing network. This gives individuals a wonderful place to jump in and start getting opportunities right away. Upwork also offers a number of freelancing opportunities, such as short- and long-term contracts, as well as fixed and hourly income.


  • Payment security
  • Both novices and experts have a number of options.

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So, these are the top freelance websites for beginners. Being your own boss is what freelancing entails. It is our responsibility to discover a way to make money, whether it’s through client work, contract, or using a job board.

There are various types of freelance employment available, and more businesses are recruiting freelancers than ever before. Freelancing can be a great way to make an earning on your own terms, but there are financial and health costs to consider. It is all up to us whether to choose freelancing as a career.

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