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How Much Do Apple Employees Make? [In US & India]

    How Much Do Apple Employees Make

    Hate it or love it, Apple is still the favorite of business personnel and a status symbol for many. And everyone has this question in mind “How much do Apple employees make?”. Well, this article comes as a satisfaction for your queries.

    Big IT companies pay very well by providing a high level of aspirational value to job seekers. How much Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon will pay its employees has sparked a lot of discussions. Well, here is the information you need.

    How Much Do Apple Employees Make In The US?

    The highest-paid position at Apple is Director of Engineering, who gets $301,000 per year, while the lowest-paid one is Sales Associate, who gets $35,000 per year. Finance salaries average $134,464, Communications salaries average $225,140, Product salaries average $230,394, and Marketing salaries average $128,398. Half of Apple’s employees earn more than $159,682.

    Apple employees’ wages are impacted by their location as well. The highest-paid Apple employees work in Cupertino, CA, Seattle, WA, and Austin, TX.

    Despite certain data limitations, such as the absence of stock grants, significant research gives an estimate. According to the data, the highest income was $3,50,000, which was awarded to a California engineer. The lowest average wage, according to the study, was $1,06,500.

    How Much Do Apple Employees Make In India?

    In India, the average pay is 5,00,000 rupees per year or 256 rupees per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level jobs start at 2,75,000 per year and the experienced professionals earn up to 1,503,500 per year.


    Apple is the indisputable developer of iPhones, iTunes, iPods, and Macbook computers. Apple is recognized for investing in each sector to guarantee that its goods and services provide the best value for money.

    Employees’ salaries vary based on the position they hold and the amount of experience they have. Employees get a good average salary including bonuses, despite the fact that the position is better paid in the private sector.

    So, this was a very transparent article on how much do Apple employees make. Do let us know in the comments below if you have anything to add.