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15 Best Facebook Messenger Bots For Business [2022]

    Best Facebook Messenger Bots For Business - Chatfuel

    The best Facebook messenger bots for business will make your business get the most of the audiences. These days, Facebook is an app where you will get a broad range of demographics. For your business, the Facebook audience will help you know the market analysis.

    Make your business easy peasy on the go with the messenger bots. Here, we have enlisted the best Facebook messenger bots for business of all the types.

    List of Best Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

    1. Twyla Facebook Messenger Bot

    Twyla Facebook Messenger Bot

    Twyla messenger bot is the AI-supported bot. You will get a provision to answer the queries of your customers, book their spots or send them a link to any of your service pages. 

    The bot saves a lot of time for you to answer simple questions from your clients. Moreover, you simply answer back your clients at any time. 


    Odus AI Bot

    Odus is the smartest AI bot for messenger. It appears like a human to almost all the customers. The programming and the scripting of the messenger bot are done in such a great manner that any question of the customer is handled smoothly.

     The most amazing thing about the bot is that, your customer can take the messenger chat to any other app that they want to. Suppose, they wish to take the discussion to WhatsApp, the bot continues there, by remembering your conversion on messenger. 

    3. Fynd’s Fify

    Fynd’s Fify Bot

    Fify is the smart bot that has memory. Fify remembers your customers’ choices and preferences. So, next time when your customer or visitor meets Fify, they are already friends. 

    Everyone loves to be greeted the way as if they are familiar. Fify does exactly the same. She remembers their needs, choices, and budget. And suggests your visitors exactly what they are looking for. Having Fify as your messenger bot will surely bring you business. 

    4. ManyChat

    ManyChat Bot

    As the name goes, the ManyChat Messenger app literally allows you to have Many Chats. The app is useful especially for influencers or the business having more than 10k followers.

    It is a messenger automation bot. You can create your bots for various purposes. And automate more than one bot for your list. So this bot will basically help you send the regular messages to your list. And you can create a bot that will answer your audience’s query. 

    5. Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal Bot

    How is it to have a chatbot that tells you trending news of your business niche in your inbox? It always better to have an update and the latest news of your business field. The Wall Street Journal bot does this amazingly well. 

    Your messenger will have news and important updated right when you need them. Every day you can schedule a bot to message you the updates. And you can ask the bot about particular news in detail too. 

    6. Chatfuel

    Best Facebook Messenger Bots For Business - Chatfuel

    Chat fuel allows you to create your own chatbot. The subscription of Chatfuel to 1k members is free of cost. You can create a bot with the features that you need.

    You can even go for multiple bots option. Wherein one of the bots will send the automated message and another bot to satisfy your user’s query. Likewise, you can even add the specific features and functionalities to the bot. 

    7. ZoConvert

    ZoConvert Bot

    The ZoConvert bot is programmed specially for eCommerce sites. Dedicated to the Shopify site. You can manage your leads and conversions through your bot. 

    You get all the reports of when your leads and conversions right in your chatbot. This chatbot also helps your customers to ease their experience during site visit and purchase journey. 

    8. HealthTap

    HealthTap Bot

    The bot is for community networking. The community of Doctors is already here on Health Tap and you can directly ask you visitors to communicate with them. 

    However, if your service is not in the health niche, you can create a chatbot for your community using the bot providers’ premium plan. You can even make use of Health Tap for your various branches at various locations. 

    9. Besure Messenger

    Besure Messenger Bot

    The messenger lets your customer or visitor find exactly what they are looking for. For instance, if your visitor is looking for a product but not sure which one to go for. Your bot will instantly find them a products that fit their requirements. 

    This bot is especially used for finding restaurants and other local shops. 

    10. Flow Xo

    Flow Xo Bot

    This is yet another site that allows you to make your own messenger chatbot. You can have all the provisions and decide your chatbot responsibilities. 

    The best thing about FlowXo is its welcoming feature. Your customers will not recognize that this is a bot feature. The bot gives so much of a personal and human touch. 

    11. Snatchbot


    The bot has NLP support and is programmed very smartly. It can arrange and organize your entire data in no time. The Snatchbot also has compatibility to connect with other plugins.

    The bot helps in managing huge data and help in sorting it out. This bot is actually a multitasking bot. Amongst the best Facebook messenger bots for business, Snatchbot is the multitasker. 

    12. 1-800-FLOWERS

    1-800-FLOWERS Bot

    Actually this bot saves your customers from a hectic process. When your site has so much to offer, your customers will find it easy to order by bot instead.

    If you are sure about ordering specific things on your already updated address, the chatbot is the best way to place an order. 

    13. Spring

    Spring Bot

    Spring bot allows your customers to make a choice before going for final purchase. Of course, they do window shopping but this bot helps your customers in making the decision. 

    Also, the chatbot lets your customers know the special offers if any. 

    14. MFY

    MFY Bot

    This bot helps your visitors to convert from leads to subscribers. The bot is especially useful for bloggers. 

    Other than bloggers, this is the best Facebook messenger bots for business to grow their email lists. 

    15. Burger King

    Burger King Bot

    If yours is the business of food delivery or any local delivery, to be precise. Burger King is the best Facebook messenger bot for business like local deliveries.

    You can let your customers know how long is your parcel from them. Just set the count down timer as soon the order is accepted by you.

    Bottom Line

    The best Facebook messenger bots for business vary from business to business. However, the above list was of the most useful ones.